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There's still gold in the North Georgia hills
Only today, it's value comes from cultural endeavors
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The view from Blood Mountain, in North Georgia. - photo by Jessica Jordan

The farther north you get in Hall County, the more the road starts to twist, turn and rise and fall with the hills.

And before you know it, you can see the peak of Mount Yonah on the horizon, or the road suddenly bends up outside Dahlonega, and you realize you’re not in the foothills anymore.

You’re in the mountains.

The first gold rush to this area involved hours of panning and lots of back-breaking work.

Today, the treasures these hills hold aren’t just flecks of gold — although those can still be found in the mountain streams near Dahlonega and Helen. Instead, they are little towns in counties north of Hall that embrace art, music and mountain cultures.

Take Sautee, a hotbed of artists and playwrights. Or Dahlonega, with a bustling restaurant and nightlife scene that would make any mid-sized town jealous. Or even Helen, with its quirky charm that won’t let you forget you’re in a mountain village — even though that mountain village could be in Bavaria, too.

Today, we take a look at some happenings in some of the towns that dot the North Georgia mountains and are worth at least a day trip, if not more.

So, before the summer winds to a close, cool off amid the culture of the woods and valleys.