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Musician offers tribute to the Beatles
Local singer and guitarist Christ Bennett - photo by For The Times

Beatles tribute show
When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday
Where: The Monkey Barrel, 115 Washington St. SE, Gainesville
How much: $5
More info: 770-287-0970

Local singer and guitarist Christ Bennett will play a solo show on Saturday, highlighting his favorites from The Beatles.

A Beatles fan since elementary school, Bennett’s solo show will span the band’s entire career, including individual members’ solo music.

"I used the money I earned mowing the lawn each week to buy a new Beatles album," he said, noting that over the years he’s acquired a few Beatle-related instruments, too.

"Over the years, I’ve collected some of the Beatles’ instruments, including a Rickenbacker 12 string, two Vox ac30 amps and two Gretsch hollow body guitars," Bennett said, adding that he’ll probably bring the Rickenbacker to the acoustic show.

"I started playing the guitar when I was 9 and began learning Beatles’ songs very early. Over the years I’ve learned a lot of their music and still continue to learn more today —this week I’m working on ‘Julia.’"