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Five questions with David McWhorter of Other Side of Homer
Other Side of Homer will perform Saturday night at Blonde in Gainesville. - photo by Lyn Sengupta

Other Side of Homer
When: 9 p.m. Saturday
Where: Blonde, 212 Spring St., Gainesville
How much: $5

David McWhorter, the lead singer of Other Side of Homer, said you have to be from a small town like Homer to understand how the country town could inspire its brand of country music.

But anyone who loves acoustic, outlaw country will love this local band that will play at Blonde this weekend.

The show will feature originals and covers from classic rock to country.

"We’ve been playing together since we were 15, but we’ve been playing as this band for over a year now actually," McWhorter said.

The members of the band include McWhorter, Rusty Cheek and Zach Shirley — all of whom grew up in Homer and attended Banks County High together.

We caught up with McWhorter to find out what Other Side of Homer has planned for the Saturday show.

Question: What does Other Side of Homer have planned for Saturday’s show?

Answer: We have about 10 originals that we do and we also mix up some contemporary, a lot of country and Southern rock and it’s all done in acoustic style. And we throw a little bit of everything in there — from something that a 16-year-old would love to something a 40- or 50-year-old person would love; we have a wide variety of music that we play.

Q: What about Homer inspires your band?

A: Oh, that’s where we grew up and you have to be from the country or grew up in a place like Homer, Georgia, to really appreciate it because anybody else that would come through it, they would blink and miss it. That is where we grew up and where we live right now and it is kind of who we are.

Q: Who are the members of the band and tell me a little about them?

A: Actually, my two best friends in the world, we grew up together and hung out and everything else and we’ve been playing music together for our whole lives; Rusty Cheek is his name and he plays rhythm guitar and my other buddy Zach Shirley plays lead guitar.

Q: What kind of music does Other Side of Homer take cues from when writing original material?

A lot of the old 1970s rock and outlaw country; we are kind of a mix between those two genres.

Q: What is the most recent song you downloaded to your iPod or CD you purchased?

A: That’d be "My Way to You" by Jamey Johnson.