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Artists celebrate nature at Sautee show
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Seeing Green: Five Artists Celebrate Creation

When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday
Where: The Gourd Place, 2319 Duncan Bridge Road, Sautee
More info: 706-865-4048

For “Seeing Green: Five Artists Celebrate Creation,” set for Saturday at The Gourd Place in Sautee, the focus will be the natural world.

Ceramic artist Antonia Reed will exhibit her stoneware work at the show.

“I’m doing a clock that, for every number, instead of numbers, there’s a different insect,” Reed said.

Reed’s pieces go through a process of multiple firings, with several layers of “watercolor wash,” gold accents and glazes layered on them.

She said every piece for the show will include “nature-oriented things,” including realistic paintings of dragonflies, sheep, turtles and lady bugs and leaf imprints.

One wall hanging, for example, is a large leaf imprint.

“It’s an actual leaf that I press into the clay and do a watercolor wash on it, and then fire it again with the gold,” Reed said.

Reed’s garden ornaments with ceramic insects and turtles attached to garden stakes also will be on display at the show.

Reed said the idea for the show coincided with the reopening of The Gourd Place for spring.

“It just sort of seemed a natural thing,” she said.

The other four artists displaying work at the show already had nature-oriented mediums, so Gourd Place owners Priscilla Wilson and Janice Lymburner thought a nature show would be appropriate.

Wilson, who usually does gourd art and gourd-themed ceramics, has recently included jewelry in her work.

“What I’m doing, I’m using what I’ve learned with doing our gourd pottery to make leaf impressions (for jewelry),” Wilson said.

She said she takes it a step further and adds materials that would naturally be found with the leaves.

“For instance, with a maple leaf I use maple twigs on the jewelry with it,” Wilson said.

Wilson also will display gourd head bunnies, easter eggs and gourd flower bowls for the show.

Watercolorist Kathleen Kollock and fiber artists Gae and Ike Stovall will join Reed and Wilson, adding nature-inspired paintings and baskets to the show.

“Seeing Green: Five Artists Celebrate Creation” will be a one-day show, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at The Gourd Place, 2319 Duncan Bridge Road, Sautee. For more information, call 706-865-4048.

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