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Thompson: Stinky feet? These socks help fight smell
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Do your feet stink? Here’s a product from Duluth Trading Co. that might help. They’re called the X-Static Socks. These socks not only wick away moisture from your feet, but they are also made with a strong anti-microbial yarn that fights odor. These socks actually kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria that causes odor.

Have you heard the story about how you can unlock your car with your cell phone? It goes like this. You’ve locked yourself out of your car so you use your cell phone and call a family member who has another key fob. You tell them to put the key fob up to the phone and to keep hitting the unlock button. While they’re doing this, you hold your cell phone next to your car door. Does it work? Is this tip for real? Heck no. The story is bogus. Your key fob transmits via radio frequency signals which can’t be transmitted over cell phones. The next time someone forwards you an e-mail with this tip, just send them back a copy of my column.

If the fire in your fireplace is getting out of control, don’t throw water on it. Water will just cause hot ash and steam to come back at your face. Instead, throw baking soda on it.

I’ve got another use for duct tape. Are your family members bad about not putting things back where they belong in the garage? Things like the lawn mower and the trash cans? Here’s the solution. Take some white duct tape and put it on the garage floor in the outline of where these items should be placed. The duct tape will be a permanent reminder for them.

Here’s an interesting tip. Replace your baby’s bedroom door with a screen door. Why? With the screen door you can easily keep an eye and an ear on the baby and you can also keep the cat and dog out of the room.

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.

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