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Thompson: One more use for candy corn
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I hope everybody had a great Halloween. OK, here’s one more Halloween tip. (I can’t help myself). If you have any candy corn left over, use it in place of chocolate chips when making cookies. It tastes good and keeps the memory of Halloween alive. (By the way, send me an e-mail and let me know if last week’s tips were helpful or not).

I recently shared a tip that when you’re in a store and don’t want to buy a complete bunch of bananas, you can break the bunch apart and just buy a couple of them. Interestingly, people were really surprised that you can do this. (My wife, who does this all the time, hasn’t had a store manager chastise her yet!) Here’s another tip that people are generally surprised by. If you don’t like the monthly due dates on some of your bills, you can change them. Just call those companies and ask them to move the due dates. Most companies will gladly comply. For some reason consumers think that billing due dates are written in stone.

If you’re getting ready to cook either chicken or fish, try something different. Just mix mustard and maple syrup together and make a glaze. It’s cheap, tastes good and the family will be impressed.

My mom was recently in a car accident. I had to do some legal research for her and the Web site was a big help. It has a lot of free information and even has a forum where you can pose questions to lawyers. My mom will be OK; unfortunately, I can’t say the same for her bank account.

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.