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Thompson: Duct tape serves as an able protector
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OK, here's your weekly duct tape tip. If you're going to be working with fiberglass insulation, you need to wear gloves and a long-sleeve shirt. In addition to that, wrap duct tape around your shirt sleeves and connect them to your gloves. By doing this, you'll keep glass fibers from getting on your wrists and irritating them. Trust me on this one.


And here's your second duct tape tip for the week (you know I love duct tape). When you have a toddler coming to visit your house, cover your electrical outlets with duct tape. I really like this tip because you can never remember where you stored those plastic safety plugs. You should always know where your duct tape is.


If you're using a hotel shower and the floor is very slippery, here's a solution. Put one of the hotel's towels inside the shower and let it get good and wet. Now you can stand on the towel and you won't slip.


Speaking of slipping and sliding ... have you noticed how much your groceries slide around when you put them in the back of your SUV or in the trunk of your car? What's the solution? Rubberized shelf liner. (I love this stuff). By the way, most grocery stores only carry rubberized shelf liner in white or beige. If you want it in black, go check out your local auto parts store.


You can also put rubberized shelf liner under floor mats that are prone to slide.


Do you have squeaky door hinges? Instead of spraying them with WD-40, which can be messy, wipe them down with petroleum jelly. After applying, move the door back and forth several times to work in the jelly.


I really hate it when I hear what sounds like a good tip, test it out, and discover it's bogus. The latest tip to fall into this category: Have a child put an ice cube in his or her mouth before having them take some nasty medicine. The ice is supposed to numb their taste buds and help the medicine go down. Bogus. The tongue has too many taste buds for this to work. I nearly froze my tongue off testing this one. (The things I do for you people).

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.