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Put a spring in your step with healthy treats this season
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Baseball, picnics and other springtime activities offer a chance to incorporate healthy snacks into your family’s weekly routine.

Instead of reaching for candy and other sugar-filled snacks, try a healthier approach.

University of Georgia Extension offers these tips on reducing or cutting back on sweets for children:

  • Use small bowls and plates.
  • Split cupcakes and candy bars between children.
  • Offer water most of the time.
  • Drink 100 percent juice at least once a day.
  • Drink fat-free or low-fat milk two to three times a daily.
  • Serve pieces of fresh fruit.
  • Prepare baked apples and pears.
  • Offer a colorful fruit salad.
  • Select frozen, 100 percent fruit juice bars.
  • Allow your children or grandchildren to help you cook.
  • Name the food or dish after the child who helps prepare it such as “Emma’s Very Veggie Soup.”
  • Cut food into fun shapes.
  • Make funny faces with food.
  • Put children’s imagination to work and invent new snacks using ingredients such as dried fruit, unsalted nuts, seeds and low-sugar cereal.
  • Play “sugar detective” in the cereal aisle. Teach children to find the total amount of sugar in their favorite cereals and compare them.
  • Avoid checkout lanes that display candy, if possible.
  • Never offer sweets as rewards. Use encouraging words, hugs and small rewards such as stickers to make a child feel special.
  • Sweet treats should be “treats,” not everyday foods.
  • Eat sweets occasionally.


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Sandra Stringer is a nutrition educator with the UGA Extension office in Hall County. Call her at 770-535-8290. Her column appears biweekly on Wednesdays and on

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