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Dave Casper: Equinox twins return to the splendor of the mountains
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The autumnal equinox is just around the corner. Run for the hills!

It’s true, there may be gold in them there hills, but the entrepreneurs of the fall festivals will soon have most of it in their pockets.

Not to mention the increase in revenues from taxes during the fall influx of visitors to our area. Actually, you probably shouldn’t mention taxes. It may give you a rash, and remember, you are in this beautiful area to enjoy yourself.

In our area we have Sautee and Nacoochee, and that couple who jumped from Lovers Leap, because her dad, the chief, would not let them marry. Now I give you autumnal and vernal, the calendar twins.

I think I went to school with Vernal. Seems like he never returned to class after the spring holiday. He was so personable he had a day and a cosmic event named after him. But he could never crack algebra.

Autumnal is a beautiful lady in these parts. She comes back every September in all her colorful splendor, and sometimes stays with us until Christmas. She is a welcome guest and our people are gracious hosts.

When the season is in full swing, the annual caravans from the big city will descend on the local scene.

Beginning with Mule Camp Market in Gainesville, the granddaddy of all the fall festivals, we will tour the northeastern corner of Georgia, and may spill over into adjacent border towns.

Yankees and Atlantans are most welcome, because we know what they had to go through to get to our hills and mountains.

The residents, merchants and vendors will make sure we have a roaring old time wherever we go. I wish them the very best, and I plan to visit as many events as possible. I can smell the boiled peanuts already.

It’s going to be a high old time. Well, not really. We are still mostly conservative in our merrymaking.

Chances are Autumnal and Vernal are related to us in a way. They longed to travel and just let the stars and local folks be their guide. More than likely, they served as guides for us. After all, this couple were the ones who brought us spring and fall in all of their radiant glory here in the hills.

The best way I can think of to show our appreciation for the fall festivals is to show up at as many as you can. I like to do my part by eating as much as possible. The intrepid merchants and vendors plan their offerings far in advance, and deserve a good turnout.

Then there are the volunteers, many from various clubs, who give their time and effort to make each year’s festival better than the last. These folks work very hard. Give them a hand!

David Casper is a longtime Hall County resident.

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