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Lunch guys: Dominos delivers on cheesy promise
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Our most loyal readers will look at this headline and say, "Hold on, Lunch Guys — you just reviewed a Domino’s lunch!" Granted, we did just choke down the new Oreo dessert pizza, but the commercials for the new Crispy Melt Pizza had us dialing again for a noon office delivery.

So, as the ads ask, is it crispy, or is it melty, or is it the perfect pizza?Chris: Just when I thought pizza had reached the end of its evolution with the apocalyptic Oreo disaster, here comes the Crispy Melt Pizza.

Tom, for me, this really was about as perfect as pizza can get. You know I love thin crust above all other crusts, and the Domino’s pizzaologists have figured out a way to give me double the thin crust without, uh, doubling the crust.

Using the sandwich technique maximizes the buttery flakiness without overpowering the toppings or needlessly filling me up on flour. As an added bonus, the top layer of crust makes these slices exceptionally easy to eat, without getting fingers greased up in pepperoni while trying to work through a lunch hour.

But wait, that’s not all. Regardless of having two, three or four crusts, this pizza earns my thanks for having toppings that go all the way to edge.

Thicker crusts leave that half-inch dough ring. All I saw here was sweet tomato sauce, cheeses and sausage covering every millimeter of the slice.

If you’ll allow me to mix a few metaphors, Tom, the extra cheese and butter that tops this beauty is the icing on the greatest pizza pie since sliced bread.

Tom: You are right. This is the biggest thing to happen to pizzas since, well, the oven.

With the simple move of sandwiching two pizzas together and then melting cheese on top, Domino’s has morphed Mexico and Italy better than a professional soccer team.

This is essentially a quesadilla using pizza crusts and sauce rather than tortillas and salsa, giving you the taste of a pizza, the handing of a quesadilla and the crunch of a panini.

Of course, who hasn’t taken two slices and sandwiched them together for quicker consumption, but the secret to the Domino’s version is the melted cheese on top so the top doesn’t look like a bottom. Plus, they use a crispy thin crust so the "sandwich" has strength — you can eat a slice with one hand.

The whole crispy/melty thing Domino’s touts really works — this is a pizza with crunch — plus it gives you eating options.

I opened one piece and ate it like an Oreo, first eating the delicious insides (which would normally be called the toppings) then eating the thin, crispy crusts. Chris, let me tell you, that was a heck of a lot better than that Oreo Pizza.

Chris: Absolutely. I like the economy of this Crispy Melt deal too. I filled up on just three of these double-pizza slices. Even including tax and driver tip, that’s a lunch entrée under $5. That melts my heart.

Tom: As you know, Chris, our ultimate acid test is whether we’d order an item again. I’ll just say from here forward this is my go-to pizza. You don’t have to guess what I’ll be serving come Super Bowl Sunday.

Tom James and Chris Tauber are Orlando-based writers.

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