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Jentezen Franklin: Being in the right place at the right time
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A story in 1 Kings 17 talks about a prophet named Elijah.

Twice, God came to the prophet and told him it was time to move to a new place, because the things needed to sustain life were no longer present where he was. Each move was to a place where God was going to provide in new ways.

If Elijah had stayed where he was, he would have missed the next provision. He would have missed the plan of God.

God has a “there” for you, too. God has a place where there is spiritual and geographical provision.

And places matter. I really believe the reason God created places before he created people is because places matter. There’s something about being in the right place at the right time that can release tremendous blessings into your life.

The question I have for you today is, are you where you are supposed to be? Are you there, not only geographically, but spiritually as well?

Sometimes our life goes off course, and we find ourselves stuck in a place we never dreamed we would be.

I have found three very important “there’s” need our consideration: Geography, family and spirituality. Your challenge when it comes to these three areas is one of personal priority.

Geography is less about where you live and more about where you spend your time.

Is it time for a change? Are there places you are going that you need to stop going, or are there places you know you should be going, like a gym or a trip or maybe even more time in your garden and less time in front of your TV?

Secondly, what about family? Are you there?

When it comes to family, there is great power in just being there — there for your family, there for your mate and there for your children. Kids spell “love” with the letters T I M E.

Lastly, what about your relationship with God? Are you there? Are you there for your church? Are you in that place of passion and love and devotion to God in your personal life?

If you’ll just live “there,” God will take care of most of the things in life, like he did with Elijah. Putting God first in your life and being consistently present with those that matter most is the best “there” you could be.

Not all moments are equal opportunity moments. When that window of opportunity is closed, it is gone forever. Those kids aren’t always going to be that age. You won’t always be as young as you are right now. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a few simple but profound geographical changes while the opportunity is still there.

Easter is a season of new beginnings. You live within driving distance of some of the best churches and ministries in the world. This Easter, consider making God a central part of your “there” as you rearrange your geographical priorities.

Jentezen Franklin is the senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville. He can be contacted at 678-677-8300 or visit

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