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Still no bike tag for the name Harris
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The Social Security Administration is out with its list of the most popular baby names of 2013.

If you haven’t had a baby in recent years, they now sign them up for a Social Security card before you leave the hospital. As a result, we know in relatively short order what names are popular. They even break it down by states.

This year, the top boy’s name in the United States was Noah. We don’t know if this had anything to do with the movie made about Noah and the ark. Noah was followed by Liam, Jacob, Mason and William.

Topping the list for girls is Sophia, followed by Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava.

I have two great nieces. One is Sophia and the other is Emma. We’re a trendy bunch.

In Georgia, the top boy name was William, followed by Mason, Noah, Elijah and James. The leading girl names were Emma, Olivia, Ava, Madison and Isabella.

William, incidentally, was a runaway favorite. There are 767 Williams born last year in Georgia. Mason, the second-place finisher, was the choice of 589 parents.

Harris, incidentally, didn’t make the national or state top list. In fact, my moniker did not score in the top 1,000 in the past 14 years.

I like my name. When I was little, I didn’t dislike it. But I was frustrated when personalized items were for sale, and there was no Harris to be found. I wanted a little tag for my bike that had my name on it. No such luck.

William is a name that harkens back to our English heritage. I don’t know if folks were naming their young men in honor of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, William Shatner or Will-i-am, the lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas. Will-i-am’s real name is William Adams.

I found a few interesting names. For example, at No. 92 on the national chart is Jaxson, not to be confused with Jackson, which was No. 16, or Jaxon at No. 46.

Car names continue to make the charts, with Bentley at 81, Lincoln at 95 and Hudson at 87. They haven’t made Hudsons since 1957. I doubt anyone today would know one unless they were a big fan of the animated Disney movie “Cars.”

In the girls’ names, there are some different spellings of the same name. Sophia is No. 1, while Sofia is No. 13. Depends on if you were naming your little girl for the beautiful Sophia Loren or the beautiful Sofia Vergara. There were other spelling changes such as Zoey at 24 and Zoe at 31.

There are short versions of the same name. Isabella is No. 4, while Bella is No. 58.

There are names that touch on religion such as Faith at No. 89. On the boys’ side, Angel is at 67.

It is a pretty good assumption Angel in this case, is pronounced “Ang-el,” as in Angel Cabrera, who is better known by his nickname, “El Pato,” or in English, “The Duck.”

I guess being out of the top 1,000 for another year is a sign my name made be fading into extinction. We never had a Harris Jr. to come along. Well, I guess me and my unpopular name will just ride off into the sunset.

Harris Blackwood is a Gainesville resident whose columns appear on the Sunday Life page and on

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