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Eyes of the Father: Blessings from God not based on luck
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A few years ago, Cole started playing T-ball. Practices were Saturdays and Tuesdays.

I say “we” and not “he” because we’d pack up the entire house to go for a one-hour practice. It was lots of fun. (A friend of mine once said there needs to be a sarcasm font. I would use that here.)

Saint Patrick’s Day recently had passed. During that time, Chloe learned about clovers and the “luck” that comes with finding one with four leaves.

While we were at practice one Saturday morning, Chloe started searching for and found a four-leaf clover.

Afterward, we went to McDonald’s. When she opened her Chicken McNuggets, she discovered an extra nugget inside. She proclaimed her newfound luck in full effect.

Three days later, we returned to the same practice field. Chloe went to the same spot where she found the four-leaf clover. Within a few minutes, she’d found another one.

She was so excited, she called Amy over.

She said, “I want Cole to have it, but if I pick it for him, I’ll get the luck, not him!”

So Chloe stood over the clover and guarded it until the end of Cole’s practice. Then she called him over and pointed it out so he could pick it and receive the luck.

Now, we know luck doesn’t really exist, but it was sweet my 6-year-old daughter wanted her brother to have the same luck she thought she’d gotten.

It’s like us wanting others to have the blessings of God, just like we’ve received.

Do we want others to receive the same blessings we have? Then we must tell them. We must tell them about God’s love. We must tell them about Christ’s death on the cross. We must tell them about the forgiveness of our sins that comes through accepting him as savior. And we must tell them about the abundant life Jesus desires for all of us (John 10:10).

Abundant life. What does that mean? Does it mean money, fame, power or respect? Hardly.

An abundant life means we have a close, personal relationship with our heavenly father. An abundant life means we live in the light of his blessings. An abundant life means we know the forgiveness of our sins isn’t because of luck, but is because of the love of God and the death of Jesus on the cross.

And that is worth far more than an extra Chicken McNugget.

The Rev. Parrish Myers is a local minister living in Braselton. His column appears biweekly in Sunday Life and on