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Ask a Vet: Report any violence against animals
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Violence against others, be they a female, male, dog, cat or salamander, is never desirable.

If you have friends with military backgrounds, you know hardly anyone wants to avoid war more than a soldier.

So what can we do? Well, if I had the perfect answer to that, you’d know me from something other than a newspaper column. Still, my background and training is in veterinary medicine and its related fields. So I can offer the following: Do something.

If you know of violence against animals, report it. If I have to tell you that, you’re either scared of the ramifications or unsure of the nature of the offense. Knowing is sometimes a hard thing to do.

Is spanking a child OK? Or is it abuse? Is there a gray zone?

It can be very hard to say for sure, including situations involving animals. Trust your gut. Your head won’t hurt as you worry about doing the right thing, but that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach tells you it’s a close enough call that you should do something.

If you do know of animals being abused including neglect and don’t report it, you must accept responsibility for allowing the situation to continue and all eventualities growing from that malignancy.

If the animal continues to suffer, you’re part of that. If the animal dies, you’re part of that. If the abuser moves on to humans, you’re part of that.

But it’s complicated, I know. In our modern society, too many people show too much unwarranted interest in the lives of others. Believe me, if I never heard another word about Kanye, I’d be fine.

But not all interest is useless. If you suspect abuse of any animals even the fancy apes, do something. You might be a jerk, but you won’t be an accomplice.

Matthew Sisk is a practicing veterinarian from Habersham County. Have questions about your pet? He can be reached at 

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