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Valentine's Day on a budget
Cost-effective date ideas for Feb. 14
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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, money will soon be coming out of your pocket. To make sure that you give your girl or guy the perfect day, you find yourself not only paying for the date, but also the perfect present.

In order to make your dollar stretch on this expensive holiday, below are a few fun date ideas that won’t break the bank:

• Dessert fun: Rather than going out, stay at home and make some sweet treats in the kitchen. You can have fun baking together and save some bucks.

• Game night: From at home to an arcade, this idea is sure to bring a good time. Let your competitive side show as you challenge your date to checkers, Battleship or maybe a game of air hockey.

• Stargazing: If it’s not too cold, take a trip to the outdoors. Spend your day hiking, and then at night you’ll have a great view of the stars.

• Antiquing: Go to a small city or town that you’ve never been to before and look around. Antique shops and boutiques are fun little stores to shop in.

• Movie night at home: Pick two or three of you and your date’s favorite movies to watch at home. From chick flicks to action-packed films, you can save your money watching a movie that you know you’ll enjoy.

• Volunteer together: Volunteer at a local charity, such as a homeless or animal shelter. You’ll be spending time with your date while giving back to the community.

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