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Out-of-the-box scholarships
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Senior year is in progress for some, and with it comes the fast-approaching expenses of college. To avoid breaking your or your parents’ bank account, you might want to take a look at some scholarships that you’ll be surprised are offered. From what you wear to what you know, there’s a way you can get money for your school tuition.

1. Stuck at Prom

Do you have a good sense of style? Like to express your wacky personality through how you dress? If so, this is this $10,000 scholarship for you. Make your prom attire completely out of Duck Tape, and you can make some cash for college.

2. Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship Contest

It’s time to show off your artistic abilities as you take a chance at winning a $10,000 scholarship. Create a holiday, get well, or birthday card to enter. The best design will win!

3. Superpower Scholarship

Think of the superhero, or supervillain, that you have always admired. What if you could trade places with that character? For this scholarship, answer the question, “Which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why?” for a shot to win $2,500.

4. Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge

Pull out your video camera for this scholarship. Toyota is offering several awards to the top teens who create the best video showing the importance of safe teen driving. $60,000 total will be given out in the scholarships.

5. Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Put your test-taking skills to action as you take quizzes in various topics to help pay for your college tuition. Students that get the highest scores will win the scholarships, which range from $250 up to $2,500.

To find more scholarships, besides these out-of-the-box ones, that are available for you, check out the mobile app “Scholly.” This scholarship search engine tailors their finds specifically for you. Filter the results to match your parameters and you’ll get a list of scholarships for which you are eligible.

There are ways to help pay for college, and you will find them if you look. Good luck and happy hunting, seniors!

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