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Falling leaves and rising fashion trends
Flannel shirts are displayed at Dress Up boutique on the Gainesville square. - photo by KAYLA CANADA

Fall is in the air and so are new trends.

Even though it’s 2015, the ’70s are back. This includes suede, flare and fringe.

Suede is being used in many ways, such as in skirts, because colors are more vibrant in suede. Fringe has made several appearances earlier in the year at shows by big designers such as Ralph Lauren Polo and Mara Hoffman. Fringe can be worn just about anywhere and can be found on a variety of apparel such as shirts, jackets, purses and boots.

Flannels are back, as they are every fall. Even Dress Up Boutique in Gainesville has adopted the trend.

“We just released a plaid collection, and it has flown off the shelf,” said Shelby Harris, a sales associate at Dress Up Boutique. “We’re selling a lot of over-sized flannels that you can wear with pants, leggings or even tied around your waist.

According to Vogue, midi boots are the “must-have” boots for fall. Midis are named for their mid-calf height. Midi boots can be pulled off whether you want to wear skinny jeans or let the jeans hang over the boots.

Along with midi boots, booties are extremely popular this year. Most booties combine some of the fall trends, such as suede and fringe.

“We can’t keep our booties in stock this year,” said Harris.

Another new trend that’s emerging this fall is turtlenecks. These aren’t your grandma's old turtlenecks, though. Many are sleeveless or have cut-out shoulders. Some are tight, flattering and often paired with skirts.

Fall is filled with football, bonfires and pumpkin spice lattes, but don’t forget to let your own style shine through the changing trends.

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