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Kitchen inspections for Sept. 11-17
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected from Sept. 11-17 by the Hall County Environmental Health Department. New rules and regulations for food service began on Dec. 1, 2007. Food service establishments will now be given a letter grade that coincides with a percentile: "A" (90-100), "B" (80-89), "C" (70-79), "U" 69 and below. Inspections (frequency of) a food service establishment will be conducted based on risk categorization. The risk type shall be determined by the menu items served, the food preparation processed performed, and the previous food safety history in the food service establishment.

A new food service establishment that has never served food must score 100 (A) to receive a food service permit to operate. When a restaurant changes ownership, a new food service permit must be issued. To be issued a food service permit for a change of ownership, the establishment must score a 95 (A) or above with all Foodborne Illness Risk factors and Public Health Interventions in compliance. Permits must be posted in public view at all times. Food service establishments with drive-through windows will also be required to have the top one-third of a copy of the most current inspection report visible through each window allowing customers to easily read the score, date of inspection and establishment information, in addition to the copy posted inside the establishment. Copies of the new rules are available at the Hall County Environmental health Office. The rules and regulations are also available online at

To register a complaint against a food service establishment, contact the Hall County Environmental Health Department at 770-531-3973.


Sept. 11

Woody’s Pharmacy

5226 Dahlonega Highway, Clermont

Score: 100, Grade: A

Inspector: Donna Black

Waffle House No. 1211

4395 Cornelia Highway, Lula

Score: 80, Grade: B

Cook touching raw meats, cracking raw eggs with gloved hands, then proceeding to touch toast without washing hands. Cook touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands. No paper towels at front or back hand sink. All cloths must stay in sanitizer between uses and not laying on counters. Test strips missing for sanitizer.

Inspector: Black

Sept. 14

Gainesville RYDC

450 Crescent Drive,

Score: 100, Grade: A

Inspector: Kathleen McDuffie

Mellow Mushroom

700 Green St., Gainesville

Score: 100, Grade: A

Inspector: Laurie Wentworth

Domino’s Pizza

Limestone Parkway,

Score: 77, Grade: C

Ham, cheese, beef, etc., in top half of prep cooler with temps 55-58 degrees; cooler not working. Cloths laying on counters and in hand sinks. Most current inspection not posted. Knife, can opener in dirty container that has glue, gloves, etc. Pans that are clean need to be turned upside down so that water will drain away from pans. Repair damaged counter laminate and have repair done on top half of make line cooler. Numerous black gnats in kitchen and getting into foods.

Inspector: Black

Lakehouse Bar & Grille

5466 McEver Road, Flowery Branch

Score: 89, Grade: B

Several utensils stored with food residue. Cloths laying on counters and one across employee’s shoulder. Knives stored underneath top of prep cooler and in-between menu and papers. Test strips missing from sanitizer. Floors dirty underneath dish area and other places in kitchen.

Inspector: Black

Happy China

2458 Limestone Parkway, D, Gainesville

Score: 92, Grade: A

Cups on prep tables without lids and straws. Cloths laying on tables and prep surfaces.

Inspector: Black

Brenau University Dining Room

1 Centennial Circle,

Score: 93, Grade: A

Build-up on soda dispenser nozzles; mold, mildew on ice machine baffle. Bulk, milk container dispensing tubes too long, not cut on angle. Dish room has mold, mildew on ceiling and floors. Floors throughout need better cleaning.

Inspector: McDuffie

Sept. 15

Wild Wing Cafe

311 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Gainesville

Score: 96, Grade: A

All employees that prep foods must wear hair restraints when handling foods. Only a plain wedding band can be worn in kitchen — no bracelets or watches or other rings. All cloths must stay submerged in sanitizer in between uses.

Inspector: Black

Family Cafe Chinese Restaurant

601 S. Enota Drive,

Score: 85, Grade: B

Raw chicken, beef, fish stored on top of ready-to-eat foods. Cloths must stay in buckets of sanitizer between uses and not on prep surfaces, grills, etc. Repair leak in drain pipe at ice bin area.

Inspector: Black


212 Spring St., S.W.,

Score: 87, Grade: B

Hot-water sanitizing dish machine with final rise pressure above required 15-25 psi, running 40 psi. Ice machine chute with buildup of mold. Numerous spray cleaner bottles with unlabeled contents. Cook without proper hair restraint. Salad prep cooler leaking condensation into cooler box. Dumpster with bored-out drain plug. Floor needs cleaning in back wait station under soda dispenser and under equipment in bar.

Inspector: Wentworth

Scott’s On The Square

110 Main St., Gainesville

Score: 80, Grade: B

Food stored in bottom of make line Sept. 6, Sept. 10 out of temperature. Crab dip prepped on Sept. 6. Unmarked spray bottles. Shrimp and fish thawing in standing water at 77 F.

Inspector: McDuffie

Sept. 16

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

5745 Old Winder Highway, Braselton

Score: 90, Grade: A

Dish machine out of sanitizer. Cloths not in sanitizer buckets, being rinsed off at hand sink and kept tucked into pants.

Inspector: Black

Sept. 17

Keith Bridge Petro

2808 Gillsville Highway, Gainesville

Score: 91, Grade: A

Bottle of soda in ice with containers of prepared cilantro, radishes, onions, etc. Shelf with tortillas too close to hand sink; can receive splash from hand washing. Food handler without proper hair restraint. Food handler washing gloves after cleaning dirty, used single-service items from counter service area. Reach-in cooler door gasket separating from door.

Inspector: Wentworth

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