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Kitchen inspections for March 18-23
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected from March 18-23 by the Hall County Environmental Health Department. Food service establishments are given a letter grade that coincides with a percentile: "A" (90-100), "B" (80-89), "C" (70-79), "U" 69 and below. Inspections (frequency of) a food service establishment are conducted based on risk categorization. The risk type is determined by the menu items served, the food preparation processed performed, and the previous food safety history in the food service establishment.

A new food service establishment that has never served food must score 100 (A) to receive a food service permit to operate. When a restaurant changes ownership, a new food service permit must be issued.

To be issued a food service permit for a change of ownership, the establishment must score a 95 (A) or above with all Foodborne Illness Risk factors and Public Health Interventions in compliance. Permits must be posted in public view at all times. Food service establishments with drive-through windows will also be required to have the top one-third of a copy of the most current inspection report visible through each window allowing customers to easily read the score, date of inspection and establishment information, in addition to the copy posted inside the establishment. Copies of the rules are available at the Hall County Environmental health Office. The rules and regulations are also available online.

To register a complaint against a food service establishment, contact the Hall County Environmental Health Department at 770-531-3973.


March 18

Waffle House No. 1688
2880 Browns Bridge Road SW, Gainesville
Score: 99, Grade: A
Gasket on reach in cooler damaged. Hood system dripping.
Inspector: McDuffie

El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant
1830 Atlanta Highway, Gainesville
Score: 57, Grade: U
Georgia law required a CFSM on staff by Dec. 1, 2009. Employee drinks in open glass, open bottle. Cutting boards embedded with mold, mildew, food stains. Two trays of chicken out of temperature on counter ready for cooking on grill (which is not permitted). Most foods not date-marked. Foods cooked and stored in grocery sacks. Employee without hair restraint. Most recent inspection not posted. Single service cups washed for re-use. Foil on several surfaces. No sanitizer test strips. Hood system dripping grease. Floors throughout, especially under equipment, need detailed cleaning. This establishment has received two consecutive failing inspection scores, and agreed to voluntarily close until these issues can be resolved and a passing inspection can be performed.
Inspector: McDuffie

March 21

El Sombrero No. 3
1792 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 91, Grade: A
Refried beans and chicken dishes in cooler since previous day have not reached required temperature. Hot held beans and chicken out of temperature.
Inspector: McDuffie

2310 C Old Cornelia Highway, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: McDuffie

China Wok
1015 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Gainesville
Score: 87, Grade: B
Hands being washed in three-compartment sink. Cloths laying on counters. Rice scoop in standing water. Reseal loose stainless steel back to wall at dish area. Shelves inside of containers need to be cleaned and kept free of food residue-clean spigots in hood system. Replace damaged ceiling tiles, clean dust off tiles throughout kitchen; floors underneath fryers with heavy grease accumulation. Light shield in kitchen next to walk-in freezer broken.
Inspector: Black

Pueblos Mexican Cuisine
1310 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wentworth

March 22

Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hamburgers
416 Shallowford Road, Gainesville
Score: 91, Grade: A
Thermometer missing in makeline cooler at drive-thru. Condiment storage containers in several locations have accumulations of food debris, etc. Door on make-line cooler at drive-thru does not close properly. Toilets in ladies and men's rooms not sealed to floor. Prep and three-compartment sinks no longer attached to walls. Grease on container needs detailed cleaning. Dumpster open. Cove tiles all along rear wall, side wall with walk-in, walk-in walls, etc., no longer attached. Walls under all sinks have mold, mildew. Floors throughout missing grout, grout deteriorated. All floors need much better cleaning, especially under, behind equipment etc.
Inspector: McDuffie

Gainesville RYDC
450 Crescent Drive, Gainesville
Score: 99, Grade: A
At some point, the floor was repaired by sealing the joints with an adhesive or grout. This adhesive has now begun to come up all the way through the kitchen. This causes water and food particles to accumulate in the gap which may be an attractant for rodents, insects and is a source of contamination.
Inspector: McDuffie

March 23

Papa John's Pizza
2224 B. Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 98, Grade: A
Floor throughout needs detailed cleaning, especially under storage, equipment, etc. Floors no longer sealed at floor/wall junction, walls no longer sealed.
Inspector: McDuffie


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