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Kitchen Inspections: Dec. 8-10
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected from Dec. 8-11 by the Hall County Environmental Health Department. Food service establishments are given a letter grade that coincides with a percentile: “A” (90-100), “B” (80-89), “C” (70-79), “U” 69 and below. Inspections (frequency of) a food service establishment are conducted based on risk categorization. The risk type is determined by the menu items served, the food preparation processed performed, and the previous food safety history in the food service establishment.
A new food service establishment that has never served food must score 100 (A) to receive a food service permit to operate. When a restaurant changes ownership, a new food service permit must be issued. To be issued a permit for a change of ownership, the establishment must score a 95 (A) or above with all foodborne illness risk factors and public health interventions in compliance. Permits must be posted in public view at all times. Establishments with drive-thru windows will also be required to have the top one-third of a copy of the most current inspection report visible through each window allowing customers to easily read the score, date of inspection and establishment information, in addition to the copy posted inside the establishment. Copies of the rules are available at the Hall County Environmental health Office. The rules and regulations are also available online at
To register a complaint against a food service establishment, contact the Hall County Environmental Health Department at 770-531-3973.

Dec. 8

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store No. 641
4758 Friendship Road, Buford
Score: 94, Grade: A
Scoops placed back on wall storage with residue; veggie slicers with residue; clean and sanitize all items and check for cleanliness before storage. Water at hand sinks in back prep area not reaching 100 F; water coming out at 75-91 F.
Inspector: Donna Black

Golden Palace Restaurant
2283 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 87, Grade: B
Raw shrimp and fish stored under raw chicken in one-door merchandiser; food must be stored in a manner that prevents contamination and according to minimum internal cook temperatures. Steam unit repaired with duct tape, which cannot be used for repairs. Floors under fryer and prep tables found with accumulation of grease and food debris; clean these areas thoroughly and often enough to keep them clean.
Inspector: Erin Kincaid

Green’s Tavern
4856 Hog Mountain Road Suite B, Flowery Branch
Score: 97, Grade: A
Cutting boards heavily scarred, condensate leaks at cooler across from grill and in walk-in freezer; have coolers and freezer repaired and do not store any foods underneath this non-potable water. Test strips for chlorine damaged and not able to test solution; test strips for quats missing. Replace both test strips. Top of oven, sides of bulk food containers, outside of mixers, blenders, shelves underneath prep areas and dry storage area, and a can opener all with food residue, dust or debris; clean all areas and keep clean. Outside Dumpster area with trash on ground and tops to dumpster open; clean area, removing all trash, leaves and grease, and keep tops on dumpster.
Inspector: Black

Little Caesars No. 1592-10
5866 Spout Springs Road Suite D, Flowery Branch
Score: 95, Grade: A
Sanitizing solution in bucket not reaching required concentration of 200 ppm; testing at less than 100 ppm in cloth storage buckets. Solution must be changed out when it becomes too cloudy. Shelving under prep tables with accumulation of food debris; must be cleaned more frequently to prevent buildup. Variety of trash around dumpster in enclosure, including pizza boxes. Must work with other businesses that share dumpster to ensure cleanliness; refuse left out of the receptacle can attract pests to restaurant. Three-compartment sink needs to be resealed to wall along wash side and along the back of sink. Food debris is trapped in the remaining sealant and is not easy to clean.
Inspector: Jennifer Wren

Natural Juice Cafe
2480 Limestone Parkway, Gainesville
Score: 99, Grade: A
Handles of scoops stored touching food items; utensils shall be stored with their handles above the top of the food, on a clean portion of equipment if it is cleaned and sanitized regularly, in running water at a sufficient velocity to flush particles to drain, or in a container that maintains a water temperature of at least 135 F.
Inspector: Kincaid

Dec. 9

Dos Gringos Mexican Restaurant
1856 Thompson Bridge Road Suite 109 and 110, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Laurie Wentworth

Firehouse Subs No. 409
333 Shallowford Road Suite D, Gainesville
Score: 99, Grade: A
Forks at self-service area placed in container with eating portion extended out of holder; all utensils must be stored with the handles extended up to that only the handle is being touched when getting utensil.
Inspector: Black

Subway No. 17546
4504 Cornelia Highway Unit 3, Lula
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Kincaid

Subway/The Pantry-KE No. 3342
5804 Cornelia Highway, Alto
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Kincaid

The Monkey Barrel
115 Washington St. NE, Gainesville
Score: 92, Grade: A
Chemical sanitizing dishwasher not dispensing sanitizer while in use. Hood has buildup of grease; dripping down back and accumulating on grease extractors vents and inside hood; clean more frequently to prevent buildup of grease that can drip back onto food and food contact surfaces.
Inspector: Wentworth

Zaxby’s No. 12-201
1332 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 98, Grade: A
Condensate drip in walk-in freezer could leak nonpotable water onto boxes of food; must prevent any leakage of water onto food by repairing unit. Three-compartment sink and vegetable sink need to be resealed to wall so that food debris will not be trapped in the crack between wall and sink. Bottom of office door in kitchen and outside walls near the door of the walk-in cooler and freezer found with holes; should be repaired so that surface is smooth and easily cleanable.
Inspector: Wren

Dec. 10

Behind The Nest LLC
3621 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wren

7000 Lanier Islands Parkway Road, Buford
Score: 89, Grade: B
Large hotel pan full of chili prepared today, that was put in ice bath to cool and then put into cooler temped at 80 degrees after being stored in cooler one hour, 45 minutes. Potentially hazardous foods to be cooled after cooking must be cooled from 135 F to 70 F within two hours and from 135 F to 41 F within a total of six hours. Both two-door sandwich units on cook line with condensate dripping inside; mostly accumulating on one side, may need to level cooler to allow for water to drain properly and evaporate. Floors with accumulation of grease and food debris under cook line and under equipment in bar. To prevent insect or rodent attraction, this area should be cleaned frequently to prevent buildup.
Inspector: Wentworth

Burger-Shake Inc.
6443 Cleveland Highway, Clermont
Score: 98, Grade: A
Shelves at dish storage and shelves underneath prep areas with residue. Floors underneath equipment and underneath dish area with residue; clean floors all the way to the wall and keep clean.
Inspector: Black

Captain D’s
3522 Thurmon Tanner Parkway, Oakwood
Score: 99, Grade: A
Gaskets on all coolers with trapped food debris; must be cleaned more frequently to prevent this buildup.
Inspector: Wren

El Sombrero No. 5
3640 Mundy Mill Road Suite 136, Gainesville
Score: 93, Grade: A
Taco shells sitting on top of shelf over hot hold area without protection; to prevent possible contamination keep in a container. Food handlers not wearing hair restraints. Floors underneath equipment and at floor and wall juncture with debris; walls at prep areas and dish areas with residue. Personal items such as jackets, books, etc., on top of foods in dry storage area and on shelf next to freezer with foods; all personal items must be stored in a designated area away from customer items to prevent possible contamination. Fly strips hanging from ceiling in back kitchen area; take these down and do not use to prevent possible contamination of foods or dishes below.
Inspector: Black

Finis Pizzeria Inc.
5857 Spout Springs Road Suite A 306, Flowery Branch
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

Hollywood 15 Cinemas
120 Greenhill Circle NW, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wren

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