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SEC Banter: Enjoy this fleeting college football season while it lasts
Georgia head coach Kirby Smart walks the turf after a Sept. 23 game against Mississippi State in Athens, Ga. - photo by AP photo

I received a card this week from a good friend I hadn’t seen in a while. An actual handwritten paper card in an envelope with a stamp that arrived at my home via the U.S. Postal Service.

My friend’s note began with an oft-asked, yet sincere question: “Where has the time gone?”

We can pose the same question to the 2017 college football campaign, as fewer and fewer days remain on October’s calendar.

Goodness gracious, the college football season is over halfway done!

It tends to do that — time. Tick-tick-tick away on everyone and everything, including college football.

I just hate it when a good thing goes by too fast.

I generally prefer the first half of things, knowing there’s still plenty of good stuff ahead.

Take exercise, for example. I dominate the first half of my workout because once I reach the critical halfway point, let’s face it, I’m actually two-thirds of the way through.

During post-workout replenishment with nature’s purest form of hydration, a cold Colorado Cool-Aid, the first half of that frothy beverage is always most enjoyable.

The second half is kinda warm and flat, a sure signal it’s time for more hydration.

The first half of my daily Houston’s spinach dip is sublime. When only the second half of that spinachy, buttery, artichokey and cheesy goodness remains, it gets awkward, especially if dining with an acquaintance and I can’t pull my patented maneuver when with my wife: dig the hell in and honcho the rest for myself.

Extra chips with salt, please. And another Houston’s pour before supper — just in case.

The first half of vacation is consistently better than the second. The excitement of those first few days...A new setting/vibe...Family hasn’t driven you crazy yet...And the second-half scares haven’t yet set in (what meetings do I have next week? Did Phil from accounting send over that spreadsheet? How much are we paying that dog sitter again?).

First-half sleep at night is simply the best. Nothing beats waking up, dreading the green lights of your Sony Dream Machine rudely proclaiming it’s 5:45 a.m. but, as it turns out, it’s only 12:30 a.m.  

College, a round of golf (40 on front, 54 on back), your phone’s battery life, “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses, eating Chinese food, a long wedding weekend — all undoubtedly better during the first half.

Problem is, unless you’re Doc Brown with a flux capacitor at the ready, there ain’t much you can do about the time tickin’ away, so you might as well enjoy the precious present.

That means you, Georgia Bulldog fans. Sitting pretty at 7-0 with a bye week and a manageable remaining schedule, the Bulldogs look like legitimate playoff contenders.

Alabama fans have enjoyed the present since 2007 when Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa, and this year is no different. Alabama versus Georgia in the SEC Championship game may be a foregone conclusion, and both teams in the playoff is a possibility.

After SEC Banter all but wrote off the LSU Tigers, the sun in-fact rose on the bayou and those crazy Cajuns now have reason to cheer, albeit cautiously.

Even Tennessee fans should enjoy the present because...actually, given the state of Butch Jones’s Volunteer program, Tennessee fans should worry incessantly about the future knowing they can’t change it while engaging in a self-destructive habit as a coping mechanism.

In other words, act like we all do.

Time’s a-tickin’ on the college football season and everything else that stands in its way. Even if, like me, you prefer the first half, go ahead and enjoy what’s left of the greatest sport in America.

Hint: spinach dip and a beverage may help!  

Ben Prevost writes SEC Banter during college football season. He can be reached at

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