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'Lucky dynamic:' Falcons superfan Kevin Hutcheson wont fool with fate, sticks to what works
Flowery Branch accounting manager Kevin Hutcheson is an Atlanta Falcons superfan and dons his best Falcons gear at work. He’ll be wearing his lucky No. 11 Julio Jones jersey and watching today’s Super Bowl at his best friend’s house to keep the team’s good karma intact.

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Kevin Hutcheson bleeds red and black.

The 31-year-old’s been rooting for the Falcons ever since he can remember. He even has baby photos of himself wearing Falcons gear.

“Win or lose, the Falcons are my team,” he said.

The Georgia native lives in Jefferson and works as accounting manager for the city of Flowery Branch.

“Working at the city of Flowery Branch has added another layer of greatness being this close to the facility. Being able to support them on a personal and professional level makes my job that much more fulfilling,” he said.

His favorite part about the Falcons is their commitment to their Georgia fans.

“The fact that the team is over 50 years old now and haven’t moved is amazing. You see a lot of teams now moving to different cities because they think it will give them a fresh start. Good or bad, the Falcons have always remained loyal to Georgia and that is what makes me love them,” Hutcheson said.

He follows the team closely from draft day to the end of the season and loves them no matter how they do in the games.

“I will forever be an Atlanta Falcons fan. My wife and I are expecting in June and I have put many different baby Falcons gear in our registry. I hope to pass along the love I have for the Falcons to my children,” Hutcheson said.

Over the years, he has collected many items of Falcons clothing, a ball signed by Vic Beasley, Falcons’ playoff flags and towels, and football cards he collected as a kid.

“The one thing I miss is a poster I had as a kid of Deion Sanders that showed him in the Falcons and Braves uniform,” Hutcheson said.

He also has full faith in them.

“Even if the Falcons were down 60-0 I would still think they could come back and pull off a win,” Hutcheson said. “This wasn’t an issue this year because this team is the greatest Falcons team that ever took the field.”

He also has a special ritual he does to ensure their victories. He always wears his Julio Jones jersey and watches the game at his best friend Fabian Contreras’ house.

“At this point, we feel like this formula has worked and do not want to change the lucky dynamic,” he said. “Every week during the season I go to his house and we watch the game.”

They both went to the divisional playoff round game against the Seattle Seahawks, which the Falcons won 36-20.

“I am so proud that we could be a part of this amazing run to the Super Bowl,” Hutcheson said.

The big game will be watched at Contreras’ house, too, but Hutcheson will be flying back from Philadelphia a couple of hours before kickoff.

“Obviously, I wish I could attend the game in Houston, but I have a strong feeling there will be many chances in the coming years, especially in 2019 when we host the big game,” Hutcheson said.

During the year, Hutcheson attends the team’s training camp and is impressed by what he sees. He especially mentioned seeing the work and dedication of the players was exciting.

In the past, he lived in Charlotte, N.C., which any Falcons fan knows is Panthers country and enemy territory. He lived there for a few years.

“I never once thought about breaking my allegiance to the Falcons being surrounded by Panthers’ fans everywhere. Those were some tough years being a Falcons’ fan, but I always knew that we would get to the big game again,” Hutcheson said.

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