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IronDawgs' Moon has Equipped bench press of more than 800 pounds
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EAST PEORIA ,Illinois — The wait is over for Georgia IronDawg benchpress champion, Tim “T” Moon of Gainesville. He has been chasing an Equipped bench press mark of 800 pounds for months and on Saturday, he ran 810.1905 pounds.

Only a week after winning the Best Lifter and setting the Global Powerlifting Alliance Raw (or unequipped) and all-time world mark for his age and weight class (50-54 years old 275.575 pounds) at 530.21 pounds in winning the American Powerlifting National Championship in Athens, Moon went up to Illinois and set the Equipped world record in the World United Amateur Powerlifting-USA division’s National Championship.

He also picked up another Best Lifter Award as he broke the Open and Master’s 50-54 275.58-pound class record with his opening lift of 760.587 pounds before going on to bump the record further on his second lift. If he had gotten 826.75,

Moon said that would have been the heaviest bench press in the organization’s history. The Equipped divisions allow the lifters to use the special bench press shirts which help protect the shoulders and give a lift at the bottom.

Moon hopes to raise funds to compete at the World United Amateur Powerlifting world championships in Austria this September and possibly the GPA world championships in Australia in November.

Moon is a 1982 alumnus of Jefferson High.

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