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Richt gives players a break from practice grind
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ATHENS — Another year, another back flip by Mark Richt.

Continuing what has become a tradition to break up the monotony of two-a-day practices, Richt took his Georgia team to the Ramsey Student Center on Wednesday morning.

Players thought they were just going to have an indoor walkthrough practice to avoid muddy practice fields. Instead, after players stretched, Richt took the team to the pool and diving center where for the third straight year he performed a back flip from the 10-meter dive.

"We wanted to break up the monotony a little," Richt said. "It was going to be practice 12 in a row with no break or weather days. We're banged up, a little nicked up like everybody else across the country. We thought it was a good time to let them have a little fun and not get banged up."

Richt performed two back flips.

"You guys are the judge," Richt said when asked about his technique.

"I thought I hit them pretty good. I don't know if I was truly vertical but I was trying to not create too much of a splash."

The team returned to a normal practice Wednesday afternoon.

Richt said the defense "pretty much dominated."

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