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Georgia IronDawgs continue to impress at World Games
Hatfield takes his classification in full-power competition
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Brenau University strength coach and Georgia IronDawg weightlifting team member Gary Hatfield, of Gainesville, was in a bit of dilemma on day three of the World United Amateur Powerlifting (WUAP) World Championships on Saturday in Jonesboro.

Hatfield already finished 325 kilograms (716.5 pounds) in the Master's Men's 50-54 age, 100 kilogram classification of the squat.

He'd also gotten his opening bench press. A misunderstanding of his second lift request, though, left Hatfield attempting over 22 pounds more than he really wanted on his second bench press attempt.

However, after missing it on that second attempt, Hatfield powered through it on his third and successfully locked out 534.62 pounds for an all-time personal record in the bench press.

"I must have pushed it for a good 10 seconds before I locked it out," said Hatfield, who is also an assistant softball coach with the Golden Tigers.

The judges rewarded that tenacity with three white lights, indicating a good lift.

Hatfield then pulled over 529 pounds on the deadlift, but fell a bit shy of his goal of 270 kilograms (595.24 pounds) on the lift in his final two lifts.

Hatfield finished with a total of 807.5 kilograms (over 1,780 pounds), taking the top spot in his class and scoring a valuable first place for Team U.S. in the full-power (squat, bench press, deadlift) competition.

Last Thursday, Team U.S. bench press team won the World Championship in the bench-only division.


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