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Area seniors relish chance to play in FCA East-West Football Classic
Chestatee Football
Chestatee quarterback Storm Yarbrough (7) runs with the ball during a game between West Hall and Chestatee in Gainesville, on Oct. 6, 2017. - photo by David Barnes

East Hall football senior Andrew Crawford feels like he is one of the lucky ones. 

While most high school football seniors are done with the season, Crawford gets to play one more game in his high school career. Crawford, along with a select few area football seniors, get to suit up one more time in their high school career for the 2017 FCA East-West Classic at 1 p.m. Saturday at Maginnis Field in Gainesville.

“It feels good,” Crawford said. “I feel really blessed to have an opportunity to play in this game. Not everybody gets to have this opportunity, so I am going to try to make the best out of it.”

Crawford will be on the East team with some of his East Hall teammates.

Participating are all the high schools in Hall County, along with Jackson County, Jefferson, East Jackson, Commerce and Banks County (15 total). Players from eight schools make up the East roster, while seven schools comprise the West.

“It is great (that) there is a couple of us from East Hall,” Crawford said. “It’s a wonderful thing to get to have one last game with your brothers.”

The East Hall offensive lineman said he would miss playing high school football but is exited for the next part of his life. Crawford is glad that he played high school football and thinks it has helped him mature.

“High school football really separates the men from the boys, that’s for sure,” Crawford said. “I personally matured, and my teammates have matured over the past four years of playing football. Whereas other kids our age we grew up with that did not play football, you can tell it really makes you a man.”

One of his Vikings teammates who’s also participating in the FCA game on the East squad is Austin Brock. Brock is excited to play in the FCA game, as well.

“It feels great. A lot of people would like to be in this situation,” said Brock, a wide receiver. “It’s crazy to be in this.”

Gainesville’s Trey Blackwell is also amped to play in the FCA game with some of his friends from other schools that he grew up with. 

“It feels really good,” Blackwell said. “I know a lot of the guys that I am playing with, so it really feels good to actually be on a team with them.”

Chestatee senior quarterback Storm Yarbrough is also looking forward to playing in the game. For Yarbrough, it’s bittersweet to be done with high school football.

“I’m excited and kind of sad at the same time because I made a lot of memories,” Yarbrough said.

Both squads are comprised of 40 players. 

Activities for those selected started with taking part in Christmas on Green Street on Dec. 3 in Gainesville. On Wednesday, players visited local elementary schools to read and give tickets to the game. 

Practice for both squads took place Tuesday-Thursday. The East squad practiced at Johnson, while the West installed its game plan at West Hall.

FCA East-West Classic


at Maginnis Field

Riverside Military Academy


Bryan Gray East Hall

Matt Turner East Hall

Jason Roquemore Johnson

Gary Hughes Jr. Johnson

Nicholas Garrett Riverside Military

Jacob Smith Riverside Military

Caleb Hardy East Jackson

Drew Morris East Jackson

Matt Gruhn Lakeview Academy

Josh Shoemaker Banks County

Zack Lehotsky Banks County

Robby Boudreaux Flowery Branch

Andrew Peck Flowery Branch

East Players

1. Malik Damons RB Flowery Branch

2. Austin Brock DB East Hall

5. Terrell Wall DB Jefferson

6. Matthew Nilsen LB Jefferson

9. Will Price LB Flowery Branch

10. Cody Saxon LB Banks County

12. Bryce Moore QB Jefferson

14. Dillon Knepp LB Lakeview Academy

15. Blake Segars LS Banks County

16. M. Rodriguez DL Riverside

20. Trey McIntosh DB Flowery Branch

21. Justin Cole RB Jefferson

22. Malik Drayton DB Flowery Branch

23. Alex Sanchez K Flowery Branch

33. Victor Pittman RB/LBRiverside Military 

40. Tyler Blaylock LB Flowery Branch

42. Jacob Wade LB East Hall

43. B. Lumpkin LB East Jackson

45. Colby Adams LB Flowery Branch

72. A. Crawford OL East Hall

73. C. Underwood OL Flowery Branch

74. R. Guerrero OL Johnson

76. J. Patterson OL East Jackson

77. Hunter Cronier OL East Jackson

78. P. Sprayberry OL Banks County

79. Tripp Martin OL Banks County

80. David Rivera WR Johnson

81. Nick Lance TE Flowery Branch

82. C. Cordell WR/LBFlowery Branch

84. Amir Ellison WR East Hall

88. Tripp Rider TE East Hall

89. C. Domwaobi WR Riverside Military 

90.E. Alfred-Igbokwe DL Riverside Military

91.Tyler Gearhardt DL Lakeview Academy

92.Ryan Dove DL Banks County

93.TJ Ballard DL Flowery Branch

96.Hunter Griffith OL Jefferson

98.Steve Hill DL East Jackosn

99.Logan Garner DL Jefferson

West Coaches

Bruce Miller Gainesville

Stan Luttrell Gainesville

Dave McConnell Gainesville

Krofton Montgomery Gainesville

David Wagner West Hall

Dave Bishop North Hall

Adam Thomas North Hall

Shaun Conley Chestatee

Logan Conley Chestatee

Chad Bennett White County

Darrell Dorsey White County

Vince Lehotsky White County

West Players

1. Charles Jackson DB Chestatee

2. Tyrig Kabir DB Gainesville

3. Will Anglin DB White County

4. Cameron Shirley DB West Hall

5. Brayson Beinke DB Jacson County

6. DT Walker DB Gainesville

9. Dayton Colbert LB West Hall

10. Storm Yarborough QB Chestatee

12. Reggie James TE Chestatee

14. Gray Akins QB Jackson County

15. Michael Baker DB White County

20. Cristian Jaimes K Gainesville

21. Israel Lopez K West Hall

22. Cutter Sanford RB North Hall

23. Baily Anderson RB White County

33. Noah Venable RB Jackson County

40. Easley Smith LB Commerce

42. Baxton Legg LB Commerce

43. Keith Harris LB Gainesville

45. Austin Sinclair LB West Hall

72. Josh Taylor OL West Hall

73. Corey Davis OL West Hall

76. Wesley Harper OL Jackson County

77. Hunter Baggett OL Jackson County

78. Lashawn Jones OL Gainesville

79. Drew Turner OL Gainesville

80. Kyrie Ware WR Commerce

81. S. Stasierowski TE West Hall

82. Ty Ulrich WR White County

83. Jarred Rosser WR Gainesville

84. Trey Blackwell WR Gainesville

88. Collin Lewis TE Jackson County

89. Noah Holdman WR North Hall

90. Mitch Seymour DL North Hall

91. Damien Fouts DL West Hall

92. Trevor Kidd DL White County

93. Trevor Calvert DL Gainesville

96. Cody Ridley DL Commerce

98. Craig Young DL Gainesville

99. Trey Pardue OL North Hall

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