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Your Views: Vicious dog attack can result from owners' irresponsible acts
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I witnessed something yesterday that still has me sick to my stomach and really angry. People who have dogs and do not get them neutered or spayed and then let them run loose should be fined to the maximum penalty of the law.

I watched helplessly as a pit bull attacked a beautiful golden retriever in front of my house. The attack was so brutal it brought tears to my eyes. All because a female running free was in season and these two males dogs were running free, none of the neutered or spayed.

A very nice man saw my distress and stopped his truck and got them separated while we waited for Animal Control. The Animal Control officer arrived in less than 20 minutes but the other dog was already badly injured and had it not been for the man in the B&H Plumbing truck , I am sure would have been killed.

This could easily have been a child or myself attacked by this dog. People, please, if you are going to have animals, do the right thing and keep them confined to your property in a fence or kennel and have them spayed or neutered. Allowing them to run loose is cruel and dangerous to people and other animals.

Anyone who considers dog fighting a sport and enjoys watching something like that has to be a very sick individual. It was absolutely the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

Our Animal Control Officers do a great job but it would be a lot better if owners would keep their animals under control and at home.

Kathy Ledford

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