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Your Views: Trade deals still hurting U.S. economy
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The North American Free Trade Agreement has been a disaster, as it has cost American hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The architects of NAFTA are now expanding its reach piecemeal into a free trade area covering all nations of the Western Hemisphere by entering trade agreements with individual nations of South America. These agreements take decisions out of the hands of our state and federal legislators and put regulatory powers in the hands of international tribunals, thus reducing the sovereignty of our nation.

Efforts of the internationalists were temporarily slowed several years ago when The Free Trade Area of the America was defeated.

In addition to pushing for the merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada into The North American Union, the internationalists are continuing to create the building blocks for a FTAA. On Nov. 8, the Senate followed the House of Representatives in approving a free trade agreement with Peru. They never, ever give up.

We Georgians do not have to look far to find those responsible. Both Georgia Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson voted for the agreement. Ten of Georgia's House members voted for the agreement: Barrow, Bishop, Broun, Gingrey, Price, Deal, Kingston, Lewis, Linder and Westmoreland.

To pour salt in the wound, Congress and the White House encourage U.S. companies to move operations out of the country by financing their foreign factories with our tax money through the Export Import Bank, The International Monetary Fund and The Overseas Private Investment Corp.

Efforts at local and statewide economic development are becoming akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We need to look less to our local and statewide economic development agencies to help Georgia communities create jobs. These efforts become increasingly futile if jobs continue to be exported by our elected officials in Washington.

Instead, we need to turn our attention to our senators and congressmen in Washington who are encouraging job loss to foreign countries through free trade agreements and taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Joe Inglis

Oakwood has right idea on immigration
Bravo, Oakwood! To read this morning that a city near Gainesville is trying to do something about the huge illegal alien problem in our area is wonderful news. I'm so proud of Oakwood's courage to stand up and try to do what's right.

If you succeed, Oakwood, I'm moving to your city. Maybe Gainesville will even step up to the plate soon.

Jean Bennett

Rain-making could be made secular
Gov. Perdue should avoid giving the impression of being a theocrat when he asks for prayers for rain.
We who support a secular government could organize an Indian rain dance. We could have some hot dogs, blackberry wine and some weeds.

We could not make a bonfire because of the drought. A bonfire might boil out what water is left in Lake Lanier.

We could conduct the Indian "Ho Ho" rain dance around a lighted point. Who knows? An Indian rain dance might work.

According to the string theory and quantum mechanics, you can never be absolutely certain of any outcome.

J.D. Haynie

Find new ways to save water in drought
One easy way to save water is to collect the water that runs while you're waiting for hot water in sinks and bathtubs. In most houses it will be as much as a gallon or more, unless you have a circulating pump for your hot water lines. We do; and usually no more than a cup or two flows before the hot water comes.

Jackie Nabb

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