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Your Views: Theres no need for government workers to belong to unions
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Unions are fighting for more control over Jane and Joe Taxpayer's checkbook on the state and federal level while still strangling private sector companies with their financially unrealistic demands. That makes goods and services cost more, or you're out of a job since the business goes bankrupt.

Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer in a down economy are trying to hold on to the house and just maybe keep contributing to their own 401(k) plans and medical insurance.

Just as the states are trying to balance budgets and still keep their governments running, you have union thugs holding states and their taxpayers hostage. That's right, thugs. Have you listened to these Wisconsin teachers and their demands? I know the left likes to call the rich "greedy," but the ones who have been the most disruptive and greedy are union members and their Mafia-like leaders.

The Wisconsin governor should fire all those unwilling to work for the adjustments needed to sustain jobs and then vote to repeal all unions in the public sector.

There is no place in the public sector, federal or state government, that should be unionized. You work there for the taxpayers and if that doesn't satisfy your bank account, you are free to work elsewhere. We have college graduates who can't find jobs and can fill the void of these government-unionized workers.

Because of unions, GM (Obama Motors) was spending more to union members than it was making and selling cars. Union demands and greed bankrupted them, but the Democrats and our pro-union president call the rich greedy.

But Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer has lost again; Obama Motors is now giving union members large bonuses instead of paying back the U.S. Treasury.

Union leaders bus in their rent a mob troops to support their cause by intimidation and make it seem like they're the victims. Shame on them and shame on the ignorant taxpayers for believing it.

A private citizen who happens to be rich doesn't cost you anything, and just maybe gives several people jobs that they enjoy and can make a living at.

Georgia is a right-to-work state, so why are some departments unionized? Repeal and or replace.

Jane Browder