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Your Views: The Next Generation
Students weigh in on local issues
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Make a decision on death-row inmates
It seems to me that the nation is constantly complaining about the overabundance of people in prison. I propose that the government either change the death penalty to become a more frequent process or stop arresting people for all the minor crimes that end up amounting to nothing except wasted space and time.

You want to know what the main problem is? It's that the nation is too indecisive. You want to know why we're not getting anywhere? It's because too many people are focused on pleasing everyone that they have no time or spine to tactfully implement a solution.

Why is it so hard to make a choice? Just choose already so we can get on with our lives and focus on the real issues at hand instead of some insignificant crime.

Gen Guilfoile
Chestatee High School

Stop assigning blame for drought
It seems that everyone being affected by the drought in Georgia is trying to blame it on a certain group or cause, but I do not believe that should be the case; there is enough blame to go around.

The drought is Florida's fault for trying to save its mussels. It's Alabama's fault for not having its own water source. It's the Army Corps of Engineers' fault for letting out too much water. And it is our fault for irresponsibly wasting a now precious natural resource.

Let's stop complaining and try to aid in resolving our current water crisis by conserving water in our homes and in the workplace.

Emmy Johnson
Chestatee High School

Improve more than just roads
With all of current construction in the Chestatee/Sardis area, are there plans to improve more than just the roads?

Our county is growing at a steady rate and every day new businesses are opening. Many improvements, such as sidewalks, light poles and underground utilities and wiring should be part of our plan for improvement and now is the right time to make this area of Hall County as appealing as it could be.

Erica Lackey
Chestatee High School

We must find new energy sources
I have been wondering about the energy sources Gainesville uses to run our city. I have been informed of many different ways to conserve our money and create more energy. It could be very possible to change our sources of energy to help our environment and save us money.

Wind power, water power, and solar power are all very environmental friendly. Though they may have a bigger up front cost, it would be better to change now and benefit later.

Jason Shockley

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