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Your Views: The Next Generation
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Why can Florida still waste water?
When I was in Florida last month, I noticed that every night, without fail, the sprinklers on every corner would turn on. I don't get to wash my car, but they get to their keep lawns green and bushes alive- so much for water conservation.

Why don't they take that water and dump it on their precious mussels? Maybe then they would stop their whining and let us have our lake back.

Stephanie Davies
Chestatee High student

Eat up, then finish fixing the road
Here's a thought: The road construction on Dawsonville Highway is simply atrocious. Seriously, the weirdest twists and turns I've ever had the displeasure of riding at 35 mph with huge barrel cones everywhere.

And when other drivers see these cones, what do they do? They slam on the breaks, as if it was not forewarned to them that they were heading to a construction zone.

I know that roads take a while to build, but this seems a little longer than necessary. Granted, if you ever look at the people actually "working" on the road, you're more than likely to see them standing around in a circle, drinking Cokes and eating food. They can't always be on lunch break, can they?
I say they speed up the process, stop delaying the deadline, and get these boys something to eat before they come to work.

Miranda Reece
Chestatee High student

Hybrid cars are the answer
With the continuing rise in gas prices, and the outcry of the nation, hybrid vehicles are making a push into today's society more than ever. With better fuel efficiency and pollution control, why are consumers not rushing to purchase hybrids? Because the selfish and greedy automobile industry will not lower prices that are scaring consumers away.

Parker Smith
Chestatee High student

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