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Your Views: Tearing down buildings is costly, short-sighted
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The taxpayers of Hall County currently own a piece of commercial property that is generating $2 million of income per year.

While it is a very expensive proposition to do an appraisal on a piece of commercial property, and it is an art rather than a science, one of the time-tested formulas in determining the value of a piece of property is the ability to create income.

If the old Hall County jail were to be sold to the city of Gainesville, the sales price would have to be enough to create $2 million of income per year for county taxpayers. If the money were to be invested at a rate of 5 percent return, then the sales price would need to be $40 million.

While many of the neighbors who own property are unhappy with the fact that they have a jail next door, it was there when they bought the property. It is like building a house next door to a chicken farm and then complaining about the smell.

I hope that our government leaders have enough spine to stand up to the pressure from certain people who would like to bulldoze the jail for the sake of making the area pretty for the sake of developers.

It is really disturbing to see government entities tear down functional buildings, stadiums and parking decks that were paid for with tax dollars, all for the sake of progress, while we continue to mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren. Some of these leaders need to look up the meaning of the word "fiduciary."

If you travel to Europe, you see buildings that have been used for hundreds of years. But here in America, government officials have no problem tearing down buildings that still have an outstanding bond balance. So what if the building is 20 or 30 years old? Bricks and mortar are intended to last for a long time.

John E. Webb

Someone should end dispute over jail deal
This has all been kind of amusing. I can see that the city of Gainesville has claimed to be willing to pay for the old jail, but it appears to be at a fire sale bargain price.

It appears that someone wanted to wait around to sign a contract until other options for the county had passed because they were trying to get something for nothing, but it didn't turn out that way. Now a contract has been signed by another agency and it's panic time.

How does CCA feel about the bickering? They have a signed contract and money invested. Looks like they are ready to go into business.

Someone needs to step up and figure out how to deal with the hear and now and quit crying about what was supposed to happen but didn't. If you hadn't dropped the ball, this discussion wouldn't be going on.

Dan Autry

Stop the complaining; thank God for the rain
It amazes me how just last year we were praying for rain, then when God sends the rain, we complain. We ought to be thankful because God knows what the Earth needs and how to supply those needs.

We want our lawns pretty and green, our flowers bright and pretty, but we don't want God to do His job to make that happen. We need rain for all sorts of reasons, other than for our boats to stay afloat or to participate in aquatic recreational activities.

Think about the food that we get from farmers and food for the cattle and poultry that we later enjoy eating at our favorite restaurant.

I think God gets tired of our complaining and would like some praise sometimes. So people, stop complaining and start thanking God for everything He does for you!

Jezzeree Lott