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Your Views: Tea partys key focus should be on middle class
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A letter Saturday stated that the economic mess we are in is a result of President Barack Obama's spending and federal budget deficits. I believe this writer has it all wrong.

The writer stated he had lived through the Depression, therefore we can assume he cashes his social security check every month, uses medicare to pay for his expenses, travels our roads and highways and enjoys his freedoms thanks to our men and women in uniform.

The problem is not Obama. The problem is the takeover of the federal government by banks and corporations. They have their lackeys steal $700 billion of our money (through TARP), they shipped our jobs overseas and now they passed laws so no one knows who is backing the funding of campaigns or political advertisements.

When we find out that huge tea party funding is coming from the plutocratists like the Koch brothers and Republican insiders like Sal Russo, we can be assured their representation won't help the regular people, just as they have not for the past 30 years.

Only a strong middle class, like we had from 1940 to 1980, can rebuild America. We the people have been disenfranchised by the greed of Wall Street and the sell out by the plutocrats. President Obama seems to be working hard to rebuild this middle, but the Republican Party is hellbent on protecting the 1 percent that own 90 percent of our wealth.

I would join the tea party if they wanted to re-establish a strong middle class and focus on manufacturing and education, but they just seem to want to hate on Obama and liberals.
This will not help us unite as a country to defeat the puppet-masters hiding behind the gates of their country clubs. It is only another distraction, dividing us so they can take more of America while we the people are distracted yet again.

Jason Shreeram

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