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Your Views: School debate should credit teachers efforts
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It seems that amidst all the talk of budgets and central office personnel, we have forgotten to give those with the most direct impact on our children the credit they are due.

Yes, the system's strategic vision is important, as are the federal and state mandates, but all of these things are made real to our children via their teachers and school administrators and staff.

Regardless of the budget, the maintenance needs of the schools or classrooms or the testing methodology, our talented schoolteachers continue to do all they can to raise the bar and then see that each and every student gets the caring attention he or she needs.

So over a subject that has illuminated a divide within our community, let's unite in our support of those who actually spend time with our children. I encourage everyone with a child in the Gainesville school system to join the PTA, stay informed and find ways to help your child's class and school.

Be involved. Give direct support to your child and your child's class and everything else will find a way to take care of itself.

David Bryant

Statement on crashed plane was misleading
Referencing your article about the crash of an airplane taking off from a private airport in White County, in particular the closing lines: "The problem with such planes, he said, is that if something goes wrong, there are no safety features to protect the pilot. ‘It's like a hang glider with an engine,' he said."

I write to remind readers that these statements are misleading. The observers comments are also disrespectful of the numerous pilots and owners of recreational aircraft and, more specifically, hang gliders.

The article further misleads the public because it uses the terms "experimental" and "ultralight" inappropriately and in-concisely. Is the aircraft an experimental, an ultralight, a light sport, or perhaps not legally registered and airworthy? This article leaves this reader and my friends mystified. Myths and misunderstandings are born in this fashion.

With experience in military and general aviation, I write to perhaps reassure readers that small and light aircraft, such the one in this article, are "safe" aircraft. The NTSB and the FAA recognize that aircraft accidents are more often than not attributed to pilot error and decision-making.

Whether this is the case in this tragic accident, my hope is that any reporting agency and observer in the future refrain from casting aspersions on any type of aircraft or aviation operation at the recreational level without reliable and accurate information.

Chuck Goodrum
Pilot and FAA instructor, Calhoun

Candidates disappoint with their flip-flopping
Finding yourself with no candidate of choice for president? Don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
The art of "flip-flopping" has brought about the demise of our two prized candidates, unless you consider counterfeit the real thing.

Maybe we will finally overcome the ignorant factor and learn to believe that running on false indoctrination is poisonous juice.

William Dorsey