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Your Views: Politicians focus on blame, not solutions
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Election time! We have a multitude of major issues facing us, but what do we hear from the candidates? The same old stuff. Class envy, wealth redistribution and some more people on the "bad guy" list. The rich and corporations are our enemies and should be punished.

It appears to me we have a rudderless ship in Washington. Look at the presidential and congressional approval ratings. Not exactly inspiring. I believe our first task in this election is to find someone who will take the helm and steer us. But to where?

We deserve to know what the plan is to get us back on course. Who will put America first and politics further down the list?

The plan must define the ends and not misconstrue the means as an end. A great plan with incompetence to run it is not a good plan. An incompetent plan with great people to run it is not a good plan. We need the right person with the right plan. A political plan is not the right plan.

I'd like to hear about the candidate, not that he or she is electable but capable. And what is there to back up those statements? Cold hard facts are a starter. Ability to admit mistakes is another, rather than trying to put blame on someone else. I think the buck has been lost since Truman said "it stops here."

Government must stay out of our business. Two prime examples are welfare and education; both are in states of disrepair. Government must realize that to be a success, you must control what you can (not manipulate).

I see the "oil crisis" as a byproduct of government action and inaction. That crisis has led to many other byproducts. Price hikes, the widening of our trade deficit and the devaluing of the dollar means industries are forced to react. The government wants to place blame on oil companies and speculators.

Their activities are regulated. If there are violations, charge the violators. If not, then we must say they are taking advantage of opportunities. Are we, as consumers, guilty when we buy things at sales or borrowing money when rates are low?

Our government is reactionary. I don't like to accept that, but it refuses to change. An acquaintance of mine holds public office. He told me how rewarding it is to bail out a constituent. But if you want something rewarding, prevent problems for the constituents.

Proactive solutions expose your plans by making the pending steps visible and thus subject to criticism. It reveals the politics involved, the aims and existing weaknesses.

Government is not an answer to anything. It is an alternative, but once it is put in place, it never seems to go away. We are about 100 days away from the election. I am more afraid of this election than any previous one. The reason is that we seem to be our own worst enemy. We are going to give away too much and eliminate too many options. Once these options are gone, we become reliant.

Where I have felt for a long time that I was being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, this time I feel it will be my duty to vote for the lesser of two evils. Make sure you know who the candidates are and what they stand for.

George Koesters

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