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Your Views: Obama plays golf in the bunkers; our soldiers lie in them
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I am continually appalled as I observe the dysfunctional majority party. Never mind al-Qaida; we are being assaulted from within by monumental incompetence in D.C.

These people toss around trillions like it is play money. One trillion is with 12 zeros to the left of the decimal, and that is where the Democrats are — 12 places to the left of financial sanity.

I am convinced the Democratic Party’s objective, under the leadership of Barack Obama, is composed of only one thing and that is maintaining their power. They have not shown me the slightest indication of any true concern for our country.

A few examples: the unaffordable Obama control care, which is a poorly disguised way of creating a super addition to big government; the green dream, called cap and trade, with employment at 10 percent; and the demolition of the dollar.

Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize but no one can explain how he earned it. However, I think he has earned the mother of all Academy Awards because he is such a great actor.

My grandson and I attended the D.C. tea party. While we were there, we took a side trip to Arlington. As we walked past the graves of our past heroes and founders, we thought we could hear their bones rattle as they were turning over.

I have another grandson in Afghanistan. It infuriates me that we have a commander in chief who is playing politics with his life by dithering over giving him and thousands of others the support they need for victory. How can a man who has never served an hour in the military ignore the recommendations of a four-star general, his anointed, who has a chest full of combat ribbons, numerous commendations and three degrees, one a masters in international relations. Gen. Stanley McChrystal comes with enormous credibility and deserves the right to be taken seriously.

I would guess the general hasn’t had any experience in community organizing, but he has had 30 years of fighting wars. What happened to the "good wars," the "necessary war?" We lost one war because of meddling politicians; are we bound to repeat history? When politicians engage us in war, they should let the military take it from there.

Obama seems to have no difficulty in finding time for golf with the "boys" but no time for the general. Wonder how many holes my grandson played today; he probably squeezed in a couple of foxholes? He told me playing par on the Afghanistan course is tough — a lot of rough and sand traps. Outrageous is a failed adjective!

Gary Gambrell