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Your Views: Obama needs to know this isn't his' government
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As I was watching the "Today" show Friday, I was horrified by an answer President Barack Obama gave to a question asked by Chuck Todd.

Todd asked, "Do you think Washington is broken? I ask you this because, when you did the recess appointment of Donald Berwick (for head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), you seemed to send the message of one of two things; either you didn't want to debate again on Capitol Hill which got a little raucous a year ago, or you know what, the Senate process is broken and we gotta go around it."

President Obama answered, "The fact of the matter is, I can't play political games with the Senate on these issues. I've got a government to run, and at a certain point, we have to just go ahead and just make sure people are in place to deal with the enormous challenges that are ahead."

Excuse me? I'm afraid our Constitutional scholar in chief needs to go back and read his oath. He does not have a government to run. His branch is one third of three (the second being that pesky Senate that won't let him have his way without debate).

Our Founding Fathers wisely put checks and balances into place to help put the brakes on men like this with an out of control desire for power. Czars and political appointees that answer to no one but him, but have broad powers to dictate taxes and regulations to the populous are not part of our basis of government (again, the prerogative of that pesky second branch).

If Mr. Obama wants that type of government, he's welcome to find a country that will let him be their dictator. Unless we roll over and allow it to happen that place is not here. Vote!

June Van Alstyne

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