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Your Views: Need for selfish gratification keeps us from cutting spending
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Frank Norton's recent article ("How much government can we afford," Jan. 30) about government excesses was excellent, if you missed it. I would like to add that I think two other factors caused the excessive growth of government; our unbridled desire for instant gratification and selfish disregard for the needs of future generations. An example that will surely generate some hate mail.

Many of us baby boomers are passionate about the fact that we paid money into Social Security and Medicare and expect it back. Congress passed laws making it a part of the general fund and spent it. We re-elected them 94 percent of the time. We then enjoyed the fruits of the money. Now we want it back and many don't care how much hardship it will put on the next generation.

Both parties had the opportunity to fix both programs but they did not. Now many news outlets brand tea party people who want to fix the problem as extremists. Those in Congress for the last 30 years are the extremists. Many in both parties obviously will financially break the country to keep their jobs.

By the way, I wonder if Mr. Norton has considered running for Congress or president.

Mike McConnell