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Your Views: Legal applicants should get priority to immigrate to US
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I would like to "borrow a phrase" that Arturo Corso borrowed for his column Dec 23: "When a defining moment comes along, you must define the moment or the moment will define you."

Corso was clearly defined by his column. He paints with a broad brush anyone who opposes illegal immigration and labels them racist, which is far, far from the truth.

I am one of those who has no objections to immigration, if it is done legally! The United States has a procedure for would-be immigrants to follow to become citizens and it does not encompass sneaking across the border under the cover of darkness and staying hidden from law enforcement officers.

True immigrants are the ones who apply to enter the United States legally and should be given priority. Instead, they languish in the files of the immigration agency for years without any action. The reason, I believe, is that there are so many border jumpers here illegally that they can't afford to let the legal applicants in.

The last time I checked immigration's website, there were more than 330,000 applicants waiting to be processed. They are the ones who should be given priority and those here illegally should be deported immediately.

Corso seems to think these border jumpers should be allowed to just say, "please excuse me" and be allowed to stay. Not so in my book and if that makes me a racist by Corso's definition, then so be it. I applaud all the senators and representatives who vote against blanket amnesty, which would be a come-on for more and more to come here illegally, get a job, be paid under the table, pay no taxes, live off food stamps and use the emergency room for primary care free of charge.

Corso also implies that everyone should be afforded a college education but he offers no solutions to paying for it. Does he really believe the government should guarantee everyone a college education?

In the first place, not every student is college material. How do I know? I was one of those students. I could never have done college work and would have benefited greatly if there had been trade schools I could have attended but back then there weren't any.

What part of "illegal" is it that these liberals fail to understand? Corso is a lawyer and should know the law on immigration.

Anyone who goes through the established guidelines for citizenship is welcome but those who cross the border under the cover of darkness are not. And I will do all I can to help defeat any politician who advocates blanket amnesty!

Bethel Midgett

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