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Your Views: Law enforcement should slow drivers to keep us all safe
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In reference to the April 12 articles, including "A speed trap's bad rap:"

First, there is no such thing as a speed trap. If one simply drives within the speed limits, they will never get a ticket. Second, it is the purpose of government to protect its citizens from themselves and others. We need more enforcement, not less.

The latest data from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is from 2007. In addition to 1,641 deaths, Georgia had a staggering 128,315 injuries in highway crashes. Where is the outrage? Does anyone care?

Our laws are so obsolete that many of Gov. Lester Maddox's laws are still on the books. Who cares what percent of revenue is from speeding tickets? Why must a driver be going 10 mph over the speed limit to get a ticket from a local officer? Why are judges or anyone permitted to reduce the specified fine for an offence? Eighteen-wheel trucks with their thousands of pounds in loads should have a speed limit 10 mph lower than cars on interstates.

Our dedicated, qualified and professional law enforcement officers should be complimented. They should be supported with new and current laws to help them do their jobs. A complete plan to improve laws and increase enforcement is essential. How many more deaths and injuries will it take to get action in Georgia?

Which of our leaders in state government in Atlanta is willing to lead these essential improvements?

Frank C. Wilson

DNR plans to close wildlife areas as veteran rangers retire
To sportsmen of Hall County: If the current plans of the Department of Natural Resources are implemented, the Wildlife Management Areas in North Georgia will lose one of their long standing and highly treasured WMA, The Lower Blue Ridge.

I understand this decision is being driven by budget cuts and the replacement of the DNR ranger who heads the Lower Blue Ridge WMA. I also understand that the DNR has the same plans for the Lake Burton WMA, for the same reasons.

Of the some 50 WMAs in Georgia, why would the DNR choose two of the long-standing North Georgia areas to close.

My personal feeling is that the DNR does not want to replace these retiring rangers. The late Walter Sutton of Lumpkin County gave 30 years of his career to improving the habitat for fish and wildlife on the Lower Blue Ridge. Also, Barry Mullis has over 15 years in improving wildlife openings; the wild turkey population has increased greatly.

Cisero Rider gave years of night and day taking care of the fish and wildlife on Nimberwill, Jones, Montgomery and Black Creek.

Unless we act now and ask our politicians to intervene, all this good work of these dedicated rangers will be gone and you and I will pay the price of losing Lumpkin County's oldest game management area, started by Arthur Woody.

I'm a hunter and fisherman who takes this closing of the Blue Ridge very personally. Won't you join my effort to preserve this mountain treasure?

Herb McClure

Warm welcome at new church
I had a great weekend recently. I was fortunate enough to get to visit a mother church beside my own. We received the most war welcome from the wonderful people and heard one of the best sermons from the young preacher there. The singing was very spiritual and I received a blessing which I was thankful for. I appreciate the fellowship shared among our southern churches.

The name of the church was Sharon Baptist. May the Lord bless each one richly, who greeted us, as well as their pastor and his whole congregation.

Phoebe Vickers
Flowery Branch