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Your Views: Kudos to sheriff for request to keep ousted Hall attorney
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Sheriff Steve Cronic continues to be a class act in Hall County by putting the county first in his request that the Hall County Sheriff's Office continue to use "dismissed" county attorney Bill Blalock in ongoing cases.

I don't want to get into the politics of Blalock's "dismissal," but I do want to commend Sheriff Cronic for his request. His proposed course of action represents a cost avoidance for the county in not having to transition ongoing cases through several attorney's offices, including one firm in Atlanta instead of using a local firm. There is also a concomitant savings in time in the disposition of these cases, which, in turn, mitigates the delay in due process rendered to the individuals involved.

I hope the county commissioners have the good sense to approve his request. Well done, Sheriff Cronic.

A.R. McCahan