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Your Views: It was a perfect season for countys football fans
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As another year of regular season high school football ends in Hall County, I am happy to say we ended with a perfect season. In a way, I am referring to the North Hall team's undefeated season. My son, Jordan Schmitt (No. 27), would end any seasons I might have in the future if I did not at least mention that.

However, the perfect season I want to put in the spotlight is by the fans who support all of our local teams. They are the best in this state, if not the other 49 combined.

There are huge rivalries throughout our county. These make for good competition and head-to-head efforts to best the other team. We make it year after year without the arrests you see in other areas. We let the action play out on the field.

You hear stories of parents -- yes parents, not the students -- getting into brawls in the stands. I actually saw this in Texas. It's an embarrassment to all involved, the community and the school system, that are trying to promote good sportsmanship.

Hall County supporters can be proud of themselves for making the competition both rewarding and educational. Our children learn what it means to get rewards from the effort put into these competitions. I am proud of our Hall County sports fans and I feel the entire community benefits from the competition on the field.

It is the perfect end to the perfect season. Thank you, Hall County, and everyone responsible for providing us with the facilities to show such good sportsmanship.

Kim Griffin

School board should listen to teachers
I want to applaud newly elected city school board member Sammy Smith for challenging the status quo. I hope he will be as adamant with other issues that affect our children, such as the watering down of the current curriculum. Higher test scores gained by lower standards may look good on paper, but they are not a measure of achievement.

As a supporter of the Gainesville city schools, it is my wish that Mr. Smith and other board members visit with our teachers and ask their opinions on what is effective and what is not. Finding out from the people who are actually teaching our kids what works and what does not will only strengthen the "Gainesville Model."

J. Brent Jones

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