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Your Views: Is Bigfoot claim a clever hoax or too much moonshine?
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I had always been told that Rabun County, our neighbor, was the "moonshine capital of the world." Now I believe it.

Those two guys from Rabun had to have been drinking too much home brew when all this got started. They took it to the max! They were even offering a weekend Bigfoot hunt for $500. Heck, I can see him for free any night from my upstairs window that overlooks the woods!

The Times had a big article about finding Bigfoot in my backyard (well, I always said "welcome to my zoo") and then today printed a humorous story about other furry creatures in my woods like leprechauns and dinosaurs.

When I was a kid, some of my relatives dreamed up a "fur-bearing trout" and even had postcards made up showing one. They sold those cards like wildfire! I think people still believe there are fur-bearing trout in New Hampshire waters.

So as you sit in my upstairs window at night and watch for Bigfoot, I think you'll find out he's a black bear. I've always wondered what his name was; now I know! Bigfoot.

Joy Robbins