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Your Views: History Center events to mark fifth anniversary
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I'd like to thank Edie Rogers and The Times for the nice article Wednesday about our May events at the Northeast Georgia History Center.

We are excited about the History Center's celebration of its fifth year in the new building on Academy Street in Gainesville, and we've planned a number of events to commemorate the anniversary.

Tuesday at 7, Harris Blackwood will talk about politics at our monthly forum. Harris obviously knows his politics, whether he's talking about North Georgia or south of the gnat line.

The center's monthly Family Sunday will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. May 17 at Wilshire Trails Park as part of the annual Butterfly Release event.

Plans for Memorial Day on May 25 include a veterans' reception at the History Center, plus tours and celebration of the American Freedom Garden, which honors and remembers military veterans who have served this country so well.

We'll cap off the month on May 28, with a birthday reception for members of the History Center. (If you're not a member, it's not too late to join.) The state archaeologist, Dave Crass, will be our special guest.

We invite your readers to visit the History Center at 322 Academy St. behind Gainesville's main post office on Green Street.
While you're there, you'll surely want to see the museum, which features a new exhibit, Portraits in Gray, a collection of Civil War photography never displayed before in this area.

Thanks again for your coverage.

Pat Burd
President, Northeast Georgia History Center, Gainesville

Individual rights are being lost
Once again "our" government is out to destroy the individual person's rights. This time it is the "old imminent domain and steal your land" ploy.

How long must our society suffer these more than infrequent attacks on our individual rights? When my America will you rise up and tell your local, state and federal government NO MORE!

Nearly every day one picks up the newspaper and sees "our" government at work. Today the federal park service has announced that it will use the imminent domain law to take Pennsylvania land owners' property to build a memorial for Flight 93.

Please, wake up America!

If one of us gets screwed up by the government, we all get screwed up by the government! Why will you not understand that simple, immutable law?

It is time to tell our elected officials to stop this "legal" thievery. Write your governor, senator and representatives. Vote them out of office if they do not agree with us.

That is our right. Unless of course, you want to give that up, too.

Jimmy Sisk