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Your Views: Highway billboards could block out sun
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I want to complain about the billboards on Interstate 985. Is it just me or am I the only one that is having a hard time reading the very important messages thereon? Sure, I can read them once I am right under them, but what about when I can see them a mile or more ahead but can't make out a word?

OK, here's my solution: I think the billboards should be at least twice as big and if they have to rise above the trees. Let's really get them up there; I say, double the height as well. Yep, twice as big and twice as tall! Now I can actually read Exit 12 signs from Exit 8.

Maybe eventually we can have a complete canopy covering the I-985 corridor with the entire inside sporting messages urging our consumption. Sun, trees, blue sky, the moon, stars ... who needs 'em?

Doug Weiss
Flowery Branch

There's nothing wrong with video game time
Poll: Parents "just say no" to playing video games with their kids. Well, I think that parents should play video games with their kids, but not play it all the time. Because it's a time that they can have a good time together and I don't mean just by playing games to have a good time. You do other things.

This whole thing about people who play games more than 30 hours that have part-time jobs and don't make a lot of money, that's so dumb. Two of my friends get in about 50 hours of playing Halo three times a week and they have full-time jobs and make very good money.

So what you put in the paper is stupid. It's like you all went out and asked all the higher class people.

Dustin Craig

North Hall graduates enjoyed 50th reunion
We would like to extend our appreciation to Joy Autry, Kathy Head, Beverly Buffington and also the principal of North Hall High School for their efforts in putting together our 50-year reunion. We had not been back through the school in 42 years and what a difference!

I remember one hallway; now it's so easy to get lost. Although we didn't see a lot of the class of 1965, we truly enjoyed the tour and the program on the football field. It brought back a lot of memories. I just wish our teachers had been there.

A few came by after we left. We're so sorry we missed you.

Katie Dale Allison, Brenda Saxon Bivers