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Your Views: High water prices hit families hard
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I wanted to comment about the price of water. When we started hearing about the water shortage, it dawned on me that the water department was going to use this as a way to tax us more.

Well, I got a letter recently that stated that my family was using too much water and we were going to have to pay more. I don't know why the government will use every excuse to charge us more. They don't take into consideration how many people live in my house. I'm sure my family of five is going to use more water than a family of two.

I'd like to know what they are going to do with this extra money. I've been talking to my wife and kids for months now, even before the ban, about conserving water. I don't think I should have to pay more for water just because I've got a bigger family than others. It's just another way for the government to stick it to us.

I've had my yard redone twice in the last two years just to watch my grass die because I would not water it. I went through other neighborhoods and watched their sprinklers run day after day this year.
I'm sure some of these people use more water in a month than I use in three or four months. I don't blame them because the people in our government agencies were too stupid to start a ban earlier in the year.

I want to know what others think about this. I'm in the construction business and this is just going to put more of a hardship on me and my family. Between the government agencies and insurance agencies, it is near to impossible for a man to live these days.

Tim Thrasher

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