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Your Views: Georgia could use more bicycle trails for fun, travel
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Approximately 12 years ago, I read that there were to be bicycle trails paved throughout the state of Georgia. I was very delighted to hear this and thought it was a wonderful plan.

However, I have not seen this done. I have come across a few short trails paved, but they only continued to a very vital point of traffic and ended abruptly.

Now more than ever they are actually more drastically needed. Now they are needed to save gas and offer a wonderful type of therapy for different ages. Bicycles have always been used for joy riding for a lot of people of all ages.

The paved trails would be appreciated by a lot of people not to mention the safety which would be involved. I would like to see this plan carried out if possible.

Phoebe Vickers
Flowery Branch

Obama is hard to beat
The first time I saw Barack Obama on TV several years ago, I said to myself, "that guy will go places in politics," and he did.

Sen. Obama won the Democratic nomination fair and square. I expect him to get more votes than Sen. John McCain and become the next president.

We have a democracy governed by laws and that many people can't be wrong.

J.D. Haynie

Stimulus check is a no-show so far
What is wrong with some people getting their stimulus checks and some not getting them? We applied for it like everyone else. I would like to hear from other people like us. How do we check on what the problem is or will it be sent to us?

Daris Freeman