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Your Views: Example of animal cruelty leaves unforgettable image
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With the accessibility and known good services that our animal shelters provide, why would a person put a tiny animal in a plastic bag and throw it to the roadside? What level of cruelty would possess a person to commit such an act when a shelter will gladly accept an unwanted animal?

Pastors in churches are you not speaking of this from your pulpit? Parents are you not showing your children how to care for their pets, to treat them with respect and kindness? Teachers, is there ever mention in your classes about responsibility and accountability when a pet is brought into your students’ homes?

All of you should find what I found last Thursday on the side of the road: a tiny kitten that had enough life left to claw her way out of a plastic bag, and that lived valiantly for another two days, then succumbed to viral pneumonia.

All of you should have that image burned into your mind of one of God’s tiny creatures fighting for life. All of you should have seen those beautiful green eyes filled with gratitude and heard the faint purr for a few seconds. Maybe, just maybe, you might have a conscience next time.

Kelly Reagan

Jaycees turn out another great Mule Camp Market
Gainesville held another great Mule Camp Market last weekend. The Jaycees always do such a great job and I know the community is grateful that they take on such a huge event. It is a lot of hard work on their part, but they do it with a smile. They make it an event everyone really looks forward to. Thanks Jaycees.

Marty Owens