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Your Views: Enota parents deserve answers from city schools
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I am writing to correct an important item in the article regarding the Enota parents. As I am one of the parents quoted, I feel it is imperative this item be made clear.

The parents are upset because the school and the school board are reporting two full-time teachers for the gifted program when in fact there is only one. We have been requesting an explanation and resolution to this question
for over a month, and we continue to be ignored.

Tuesday's special board meeting was called to address the problem of our "missing teacher," and once again the administration chose to sidestep the issue.

Additionally, in a thinly veiled attempt to hide what is truly going on, the administration has involved and angered teachers and even administrators from other schools who have never been the subject of our debate.

The parents of Enota came to the meeting on Tuesday hopeful this situation would be resolved, and instead we were met with a barrage of angry prepared speeches seemingly designed to make us feel guilty and apologetic for having gifted children and expecting them to receive the services the system is being funded to provide.

The parents who attended the Monday board meeting were told our questions would be answered on Tuesday, yet we were not notified of the agenda. We were instead instructed by (Board Chairman) David Syfan, as the meeting was beginning, to appoint a spokesperson and then we were politely asked to remain quiet.

Once again, our attempts to be heard have resulted in anger and frustration with, specifically, the principal of Enota, Susan Culbreth, the school board and the superintendent, Merrianne Dyer.

Deidre Leckie

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