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Your Views: Dont constantly assume racism when we disagree
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In response to Harold Lott's column Friday: At the least he is guilty of selective reasoning, taking quotes out of context. He most certainly never has listened to Rush Limbaugh. If he ever did, he would know he is not a racist or ever made a racist statement. To use Mr. Lott's own words: he calls Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich racists "without evidence to support his claim."

I'm sure he never heard of Rush's interviews with Coach Tony Dungy and Justice Clarence Thomas at the publishing of their books. He is certainly not aware that one of Rush's favorite guest hosts is Dr. Walter Williams, eminent economist and a black man. If any of these distinguished gentlemen thought Rush to be a racist or guilty of making racist statements, they would never have agreed to appear with him.

I keep hearing we are now in a "postracial society," having elected our first African-American president. However, is seems easier than ever to be accused of being racist.

"I hope that President Obama fails in his attempt at turning our country into a socialist state." Does saying that mean I am a racist? Is that a racist statement? I don't think so; Mr. Lott may not agree. When Rush made a similar statement, Mr. Lott probably did not heard a word after "fails" and I'm sure was quick to label him racist for it.

On the other hand, can anyone listen to the vitriol and hatred (dare I say racism?) espoused by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years without being affected by it?

Judge Sonia Sotomayor's now famous statement that "a wise Latina usually would reach better decisions than a white man without similar life experiences" was said by her not just once, but many times. But if a white man had said: "a wise white man usually would reach better decisions than a person of color without similar life experiences," he would be labeled the worse kind of racist and hounded out of public life.

Yes, the United States has had problems with hatred, racism and slavery in the past. But we have done a better job of correcting those problems and making up for them than any other country in the world.

No, Mr. Lott there is no "resurgence of white male fear ... of losing ground or power" because we have a black president. The only fear is that America will never be the same if he succeeds in his attempt to turn us into a socialist nation.

No, Mr. Lott, we are not "fueling the hatred of those who seek to destroy us." Those who seek to destroy us hate us because we exist.

Yes, there will always be a few yahoos around who spew hatred. We don't live in a perfect world and we never will. But racism and hatred play almost no part in the lives of most people today. The people I have met here in Gainesville of all races, colors and religions are the most caring, loving, generous people in the world.

Don Stone

Obama is not providing any kind of change we need
I have given it considerable thought, and have come to the conclusion that George W. Bush was not a great president, but what have we now. There is no way under the sun that Barack Obama, with absolutely no managerial skills, can, by himself, come up with the outlandish decisions he has made in the last five months.

Oh sorry, I forgot; he was a community organizer, and worked for, or still may be working for the ACORN organization, which is, shall we say, disingenuous at best.

Mr. Obama, we are a Christian nation, not a Muslim nation. Since you are uninformed in this area, there may be 3 to 5 million Muslims in America, but there are 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. Your math does not add up.

We are not at war with the Muslims; we are at war with terrorists, of whom some happen to be Muslims. Quit apologizing for America, and quit trying to appease Muslims, as a lot of our heroes shed their blood to free Muslims worldwide.

Stop blaming your failing policies on Bush. Even the simplest of minds should comprehend that you have been taught that America is inherently evil and you want it changed. Changed into what?

Even Hugo Chavez told "Comrade Fidel if we aren't careful, we will wind up to the right of Obama." Vladimir Putin has warned the Obama administration not to go down this road. And he should know.

Why haven't we heard from some of the so-called journalists in this country. Why haven't they asked the hard questions? It appears they are as scared of Obama as our politicians. Why don't our politicians stand up and question some of the misappropriation of funds by the president. They ain't got the guts! But I have: Mr. President, you sir, haven't a clue.

All you "change you can believe in" voters who dearly love this man for whatever reason should be proud of yourselves. Your vote probably condemned your grandchildren to live in a country where they will be told when, where and how they can live, work, eat, sleep, what automobile they will buy, what doctor they may see and where they can and cannot go.

You all have a good day and enjoy the freedom you have now, because on this present road, it won't last long. Wake up America!

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch